How a father’s psychological well-being affects a child

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According to new findings, a father's stress reduction and mental well-being can greatly impact a child's development. Learn how here!

According to new findings, a father’s stress reduction and mental well-being can greatly impact a child’s development. Learn how here!

A new study conducted by a team at Michigan State University (MSU) confirms that a father’s role as a parent extends far past the common stereotypes of the “man of the house”. This new evidence proves that a father’s psychological well-being, more than anything else, determines his ability to nurture and properly rear his children.

The study used the collected data of around 730 contributing families. Said families participated in a survey which was taken at 17 different sites across the United States in order to offer a favorable and varying sample size.

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The point of this study was to investigate the importance of a father’s stress reduction techniques and overall psychological well-being, and how those factors contribute to his ability to foster his children. Furthermore, the study aimed to prove that the love and support (or lack thereof in fathers with poor mental states) had a significant impact on his kids’ cognitive growth, social skills, and language acquisition from toddlerhood to fifth grade.

Psychology Today reports that, “the study found that a father’s parenting-related stress levels and mental health had a particularly harmful effect on his children’s cognitive and language development when the children were 2 to 3 years old—even when a mothers’ positive influences were taken into account. As might be expected, the fathers’ influence appeared to have a stronger effect on boys’ language than girls’ language.”

In short, the collected data points to some of the most conclusive evidence that a father’s psychological well-being can directly affect a child’s life, both physically and emotionally.

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