Father's Day Special (SAHD): "I get to be there for all the little things"

Father's Day Special (SAHD): "I get to be there for all the little things"

Most of us are probably familiar with the term SAHMs (stay-at-home mums), just how many SAHDs (stay-at-home dads) do we know? We took a sneak peek into the lives of four dads who made the change to stay home with their children. Find out how these daddies go about their days with their little ones!

This June, we celebrate fathers and their love for junior. We put the spotlight on four dads who took a leap of faith and embarked on their journey as Stay-at-home-dads (SAHDs).

In this article, we chat with Anders Slaga Larsen, father of two active boys, to find out why he loves his new role and how being an SAHD has changed him as a person.

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Anders Slaga Larsen, 37, father of two boys (5 and 19 months)

Journey as an SAHD: almost a year

Hi Anders, can you share what led you to make the decision to stay home with your boys?

We moved to Singapore because my wife got a fantastic job here and we decided between us that I will stay home with the boys.

Are there days where you question the decision to stay home with the kids?

It’s certainly not smooth sailing. Looking after the kids is harder than any job I’ve ever had. I sometimes miss the predictability of an office job. However, I have never questioned or regretted my decision.

So, what is a typical day with the boys really like?

When you have a toddler, there isn’t really a typical day because things change so quickly. However, there are some things that happen every day like dropping off and picking up at school, daycare, swimming lessons, and so on. Thankfully, there is also time to play and bond with my boys and that is really the whole point of being a stay-at-home dad.

What do you enjoy most about being a stay-at-home dad? Can you share some moments when you feel your decision to be an SAHD has truly been the right one?

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Being able to witness their first baby steps is pure joy!

I get to be there for all the little things as they grow up. I would have missed them if I had been at work all day: first words and steps, learning to give high-fives, and then suddenly giving high-fives to everyone whether we know them or not.

Has being a stay-at-home dad changed you in any way?

I’m much more relaxed around my children now. A year ago, for instance, the thought of going somewhere with both of them without their mom, would have terrified me.

With most of your time dedicated to your boys, how do you unwind and enjoy “me time”?

So far, I haven’t quite figured that out. I’ll have to come up with a solution to that down the line.

Is there a point in the near future where you think you will stop being a stay-at-home dad?

stay-at-home dads

Bonding over strolls and walks

I don’t think so. I would like to do some freelance work so it’s not all diapers and stroller walks, but I don’t see myself working full time again until the kids are much older.

Have you ever regretted being a stay-at-home dad?

Not at all.

To fellow fathers who are thinking of becoming stay-at-home dads, here’s what Anders has to say:

Remember everything is a phase. Children change so quickly when growing up that whatever is driving you nuts today will soon be completely different. The same goes for the things that are great right now, so make sure you take time to enjoy them.

We hope you enjoyed reading these heartfelt responses from the stay-at-home dads in Singapore. In a typical Asian country, where men are mostly deemed to be sole breadwinners, it is nice to see that the world’s perspective is changing, and that more and more fathers are sharing the parenthood role with their spouses these days by being the primary caregiver. Kudos to all fathers, and here’s wishing our children’s first superheroes, the first men our daughters love, and our rocks in the family: Happy Father’s Day!!

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It was interesting to see how fathers get more involved in their children’s lives and family. Do you know of any other SAHDs? Share with us too!

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