Funny Father’s day tribute

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Watch our Father’s Day video tribute and take an exclusive peek behind the scenes when we filmed this video…

Dear Daddies,

You have worked long and hard to put food on the table and to provide your kids with more than they need. It is our turn to give you our love offering, a video tribute to show you that we appreciate your presence, care and support. Happy Father’s Day—kick back, relax and enjoy the video.

Love, team

Sneak peek behind the scenes


Chatting with the stars of the video

Kelvin Tan 

1. How did you find the whole experience with the shoot?

It was over the top for me. I felt so good. At that point, I wish I was a full time actor…(laughs).

2.What was the highlight of the shoot?

The part when I was looking around the toys, and thinking “how can a person who has been a son all his life, become a dad”

3. What’s the best thing about being a dad?

Playing with my super cute and intelligent son who talks non-stop, like his dad…(laughs).

4. Give a short message to all fathers out there?

Stop thinking so much. We are all fathers now so JUST DO IT!

5. How has your father inspired you?

He gave me the tenacity to must succeed in life.

6. How will you inspire your children as a father?

My son is only 2-years-old. I praise him all the time in everything he does.


Theo Chen

1. What was the shoot like for you?

Extremely fun and very exciting!

2.What was the highlight of the shoot?

Learning new things and working with professionals.

3. What’s the best thing about being a son, with a great dad?

He is always there and always will be there to help me out with anything.

4. What message do you have to all the fathers out there?

Keep on going with what you’re doing because whatever your doing is the right thing! And one day your kid will look back and say, I’m glad my dad told me off all those times!!!

5. How has your father inspired you?

He is incredibly hard working and does something good for people, he heals the sick and is very compassionate.

6. What message has your dad given you that you will pass down to your own children?

Money doesn’t grow on trees!! Hahaha.


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