Fathers and daughters – how to build this precious bond

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Daughters are not the only ones who benefit from a positive father-daughter relationship. Here's how a dad appreciates the special bond he shares with his daughter and his advice for other dads.

Daddy's girl

Daddy’s girl

The increasing trend of women becoming bread winners and the shift in the way people work (telecommuting, less work-day per week, etc.) has resulted in more fathers becoming “stay-at-home-Dads.”

This development suddenly puts the onus on otherwise absentee parents—the bumbling, inefficient, clueless Dads ( at least, that’s how the media constantly portrays them.)

I provide for my family, ergo I’m a good Dad…

It’s natural human tendency to model our behavior upon what we see around us. Thus naturally, as men, we learn a lot from observing our own fathers. In the yester years, it was the father who went out to work. The roles of teacher, care-giver, nurse, and friend fell squarely on mummy’s shoulder. All daddies had to do was provide the check at the end of the month.

It was also common for dads to be closer to their boys as they easily identified with them. Also, there was a belief that they needed to be there for their sons to serve as a good “role model.” Who else would teach them how to kick a soccer ball properly or fix the leaking faucet? The girls? Mum can definitely see to them. After all, what do we dad’s know about Barbie dolls and dress up parties?

Unfortunately, such myopic misconceptions hold till today.

And if you continue down this path, before you know it, your baby girl would be all grown up, without you ever really knowing her. Don’t be surprised when on her wedding day, you are hit by this sudden realisation that you didn’t really have much of a relationship with the beautiful lady you’re walking down the aisle with. And at that point, trust me, neither your money nor your gifts can ever compensate for the time and moments you never had with your precious princess.

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