Father Set Fire to His Flat - His Two Kids Were Killed

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Ng Chee King was believed to have set fire to his flat which resulted in the death of his two kids Savier Ng Wei Yi and Cheryl Ng Shi Hui.

A fire broke out at an Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 flat  on Saturday night (7th Nov). When firefighters got inside the flat, they found Savier Ng Wei Yi and Cheryl Ng Shi Hui already dead. Savier was five years old while Cheryl was three.

According to Channel News Asia, while firefighters were busy putting out the fire in the flat, a man had fallen from the twelfth floor of the same block. The man was identified as Ng Chee Kiang, the father of the two kids. It was believed that he set the fire to his flat. He was rushed to the hospital but died while being treated by the doctors.

It's really tragic to hear stories of parents intentionally endangering their kids. What do you think causes them to commit horrendous acts such as this? Is it the stress of modern life that makes them despair and then snap? Or is it a sign of more and more people trivialising life and not fearing death.

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Karen Mira

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