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Are you a family that loves food and adventure, but find that your wallet does not always stretch as far as your imagination? Why not try the Entertainer app, which brings to you some of the best one-for-one restaurant and adventure activity deals in town!

A perfect weekend for us usually includes a fun family meal out and a new adventurous activity to try out.

The combination does well to break the boring hum drum of everyday life. We love it, and so do our kids. More often then not, we include grandparents or another family into our plans – the more the merrier we say!

While spending fun and memorable times with our family and other loved ones are reason enough to step out every weekend, I have to admit, getting a good deal on each outing is just that extra cherry on top.

I absolutely love a good deal, especially the one-for-one deals which allow you to include friends and family into your plans and stretch your dollar to the maximum!

This is why I highly recommend the Entertainer app.

The Entertainer helps stretch your wallet the fun way!

The Entertainer is an easy-to-use app, the premise of which is really simple: for every item that you buy, you get another one free. So if you were to buy one main meal at a restaurant, you will get another main meal (of the same or lesser value) absolutely free.

Take another example, if you purchase a slot for an adventure activity via the Entertainer, you will get an additional slot (of the same or lesser value) completely free of cost.

And folks, you can be rest assured that there are no hidden catches or costs to any purchase made via the Entertainer.

The Entertainer Singapore

The Entertainer app is available for iOS and Android via Apple, Google Play and Samsung Apps.

The app features convenient access to offers, a simple redemption process, location-based search and a savings tracker.

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