Would you throw a Disney-princess themed birthday party like this one?

Would you throw a Disney-princess themed birthday party like this one?

There were ballet dancers, a Disney princess concert, a many-tiered cake and so much more...

We adore our children unconditionally and many parents go all out to show that love. And there’s no better way to do that than by giving kids the birthday party of their dreams! A Filipino family recently threw an amazingly lavish birthday party when their little girl turned seven. The pictures, shared with the public by the photographer, certainly caught our eye. If you too are looking for expensive birthday party ideas for your child, then look no further. 

Expensive birthday party ideas: Isabella’s 7th birthday

On 4 November 2018, little Sophia Isabella Barbo from the Philippines had a grand princess-themed birthday party. The party was certainly fit for Royalty as you can see in the pictures!

Isabella was dressed in a sweeping ballgown and a sparkling tiara, looking every inch a proper princess.

expensive birthday party ideas

Image Source: Nice Print Photography & Exige Weddings/Facebook

Isabella’s birthday party decor was Disney themed.  The luxe table decor showcased this also, but with an added touch of sophistication brought in with delicate pink flowers, and glittering crystal chandeliers.

expensive birthday party ideas

Expensive birthday party ideas: Image Source: Nice Print Photography & Exige Weddings/Facebook

To entertain the birthday girl and her guests were none other than Disney princesses singing some favourite tunes in a concert.

The little girl’s cake was several tiers tall and confetti showered down on the little guests at one point.

Isabella’s family greeting their guests at the party. 

Here’s the full set of images: 

Mixed opinions

Netizens seem to have mixed feelings about the little girl’s birthday party as reflected in their comments on the album.

Some say that they can’t imagine what the seven-year-old’s wedding would be like if her birthday party was so extravagant. But others expressed their happiness for the child, saying it was a beautiful way of celebrating a milestone in the child’s life. 

Isabella’s family: Who are they? 

The little girl is the daughter of William Barbo, the president of the Unite Network of Opportunities —  a multilevel marketing business.

William Barbo came from a poor family in the Philippines. His father died when he was young, and so he became the ‘father figure’ to his older and younger sister.

He endured a tough childhood and worked part-time jobs during his University years to fund his education. Even after graduating with an engineering degree, he worked as a bartender for five years before becoming dissatisfied at his lack of financial freedom.

Things turned around when a friend invited him to a marketing business presentation. William sat through the presentation, uninterested, until there was a part of about financial freedom… which caught his interest.

Since then, William worked hard to build his marketing empire. His words of advice are to pursue what you like doing, knowing that it will bring you success. And success will be with you in just a matter of time.

Birthdays are becoming big business opportunities around the world, including Asia. But when it comes to expensive birthday party ideas for our children, should we think twice? 

Should I host a party for my child every time?

What the psychologists say

According to psychologists, it isn’t necessary to throw a party for every birthday. Kids have to learn how to distinguish the difference between age even when they do not have a birthday party.

Planning out a lavish celebration for major milestones is acceptable, whereas a small family get-together is good enough for less significant birthdays. Birthdays should be recognised for sure, but  that doesn’t mean parents have to fork out their savings on it (unless they want to, and can afford to do it).

Commercialisation of birthdays

Nowadays, kids and their parents have easy access to expensive birthday party ideas, and images, via social media. It’s very easy to fall in love with such gorgeous pictures and ideas and want one of your own.

However, this can, at the same time, give kids false expectations about what a birthday party should be like. It can also put some parents under pressure to spend money they can ill-afford on a one-off lavish party. 

Marking the milestone

Ideally, milestones in a child’s life should be recognised and made memorable. But you don’t have to spend a fortune to do this. 

With a little imagination, you can create a beautiful birthday party on a budget. You can also proudly tell the guests that you did most of the things yourself. 

expensive birthday party ideas

Parents, you don’t need to have a grand birthday or act out those expensive birthday party ideas. Even something as simple as roller skating is a good idea for happy, fun time! | Image Source: Stock Photo

We can’t stress enough exactly how important it is for parents to always acknowledge their child’s birthday. Still, deciding about whether to have a party or not every year should be thought through carefully.

There are many parents in today’s economy who cannot afford to organise a birthday party each year. Yet ultimately, the decision belongs to you, the parents. 

Before trying out expensive birthday party ideas, here’s some food for thought:

  • Exactly what makes your child happy?
  • Will my child remember a party like this?
  • What does this party mean for my child?
  • Will my child expect expensive birthday party ideas every year and can I afford it?
  • Am I commercialising my child’s birthday party?
  • Are there alternatives which will make my child equally happy?

How much will you spend on your little one’s birthday? 

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