Ex-Shuqun Principal’s thoughts on bullying

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Former Principal of Shuqun Secondary comments on a bullying case that has led to students becoming afraid of going out in public with their school uniforms.

Former Principal Chia Hai Siang recently posted a Facebook status that started off with #howisthisnotbullying‬ that highlights his thoughts on the video that surfaced earlier this year.

According to Mr Chia:

  • The incident was resolved to the satisfaction of all the parties involved, including the parents
  • The whole class initiated and planned their own service learning project during Shuqun Secondary School’s open house. Working together, they prepared brownies and drinks for visitors to showcase the Hideout Cafe – a student initiative.
  • The students told Mr Chia that they wish to “make restoration for the bad reputation they had brought to the school.”

This main issue that Mr Chia wished to convey was not about how the incident occurred, but the media’s reaction to it.

In his post, Mr Chia remarked that,

“It is not difficult to see how these biased reports might have fed some of the extreme online vitriol. These included many threats by netizens such as ‘if i see the boy, I will bash his skull in’, ‘let me give him a taste of his own medicine.’ “

He highlighted examples of reporting with a certain slant, where articles are written with an emphasis on certain matters while downplaying others in order to present a more compelling story that aims to attract more readers.

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