Believe it, mums-to-be! Your postnatal recovery can be a pleasant and memorable experience. Find out where and how

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From lactation-inducing nutritious meals to a ‘Confinement Essentials’ suitcase, Thomson Medical Centre has it covered.

Congratulations mum-to-be, you’re finally about to meet your little one! Now that you have journeyed through the early stages of pregnancy, it’s time to think of postnatal care.

You may not usually hear this, but your postnatal stay at the hospital can be pleasant and informative. After all, they’re meant to give appropriate rest to new mums, as well as guide parents into managing your new bundle of joy. Make sure you pick the right hospital of choice that prepares you to manage your little one with confidence.

TMC provides a memorable experience for patients and family alike

Thomson Medical Centre (TMC) provides a memorable experience for patients and family alike and has developed personalised services that will help you through your journey towards recovery.

Nutritious galactagogues to assist in breastfeeding

The signature Fish and Green Papaya Soup at TMC is served mid-morning to all mothers, and is packed with protein, vitamins and minerals, making for a healthy and nutritious meal. The hot soup is made with ingredients that have galactagogue properties, which helps increase the nursing mother’s milk supply.

Signature Fish and Green Papaya Soup

It also aids in the production of milk for breastfeeding mothers. You can continue to enjoy the goodness of this delicious soup once home too. Just send hubby over to get it as takeaway!

Thomson Angels for aftercare beyond the hospital stay

All mums who deliver at TMC, will receive a phone call from the nurses – better known as Thomson Angels, within 48 hours of being discharged. These calls are made to ensure that mother and baby are coping well at home. Thomson Angels are also ready to drop by your home, should you need help post-discharge.
Their Lactation Consultants also call new mums one month after discharge, to follow up on any concerns mothers may have on baby care, breastfeeding, or their little one’s development.

Thomson Angels will call to make sure your recovery is going well

Super Mum and Dad certificate

Scared about leaving the hospital with your newborn in tow? New parents are often nervous about managing the baby on their own at home. TMC ensures that parents are taught essential skills, during their stay in the hospital. This includes:

  • How to clean your baby’s umbilical cord
  • How to change your baby’s diapers
  • How to swaddle your baby
  • How to burp your baby
  • Care for the BCG Injection site

Parents are also given a certificate at the end of their stay to recognize the achievement of acquiring these new baby care skills!

ParentCraft Specialist classes – complimentary during your stay

Hone your baby care skills while at the hospital by taking advantage of the complimentary hands-on Baby Bath Demonstration and Breastfeeding classes conducted by TMC’s ParentCraft specialists.

These classes are conducted daily (except Sundays and Public Holidays), and parents can take this chance to ask questions and clear any doubts before they return home.

Get Daddy to learn all the essential skills too

Something for dads-to-be too!

Mums may be the primary caregivers, but having the man of the house ease into his new role as Dad is equally beneficial too! When parents share responsibility to care for their newborn, an inseparable family bond is forged.

Thomson Medical has created a special one hour programme which provides hands-on experience and teaches fathers how to care for and bond with their babies.

While mummies are resting in their rooms, daddies will get hands-on practice with their newborn baby. This helps fathers to be more confident in caring for their baby, especially in the areas of changing nappies, burping, bathing, and putting baby to bed. Fathers will also learn to understand their baby’s needs through interaction and how to decode their baby’s cries.

Delivered at another hospital? No problem – this class is also open to non – Thomson Daddies and Babies!

Confinement Essentials Suitcase

While you get ready for the arrival of your little bundle of joy, the TMC team is busy packing Thomson’s tradition of love and care into something special. Filled with essentials you need during your stay at the hospital and beyond, your ‘Confinement Essentials’ suitcase will be delivered to your room before you head home!

Carefully curated, the essentials in this suitcase take care of all the basics, and leave you to focus on what matters most – a fuss-free stay, smoother ‘confinement’ and good health!

Your ‘Confinement Essentials’ Suitcase includes the following items:

  • 4-Wheeled Cabin Suitcase (22 inch / 56 cm)
  • Thomson Medical’s Confinement Cookbook + Nutritious Recipe Book for Pregnancy & Lactation
  • Hip & Belly Wrap
  • Anti-slip Covered Bedroom Slippers
  • Breast Pads
  • Waterproof Wet Bag
  • Set of Hair Loss Shampoo and Hair Loss Tonic Treatment
  • Set of Gentle Skin Cleanser and Moisturising Cream
  • Set of Probiotic Cleansing Mousse, Feminine Mist and Talc-free Body Powder
  • Feeding Accessories Wash + Wet Wipes
  • Growth Chart + Cupcake Stand
  • Young Parents Magazine + 6 Months Digital Subscription
  • Antibacterial Overnight Sanitary Pads (360 mm)
  • Disposable Underpants and Underpads (bed pads)
  • Document Holder + Huaxia Taimaobi Voucher for Thomson Babies
  • Aviva’s MyJoyfulBundle Insurance Plan for Mummy & Baby

The TMC Confinement Essentials suitcase is carefully curated for Mums to be

Win your very own Confinement Essentials suitcase!

Want to bring home your very own Confinement Essentials suitcase? Thomson Medical Centre is giving away not one but 3 Confinement Essentials suitcases for mums to be! Just answer the following questions, send through your details and wait to hear back from us.




*Winner announcement will be made on 10 April 2017.