This latest just-missed escalator tragedy is a grim safety reminder for all parents

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What happened to this woman could easily happen to a child, with disastrous consequences...

A woman has narrowly escaped serious injury after the step of the escalator she was on at The Arcade in Raffles Place, broke.

An eyewitness, identified as Mrs Liu, said she heard a loud noise coming from the escalator on Tuesday (January 5), says a Straits Times report.

Reportedly, two people had been riding on the escalator at around 3.30pm on the day of the incident — a man who had just stepped off on to the second floor landing, and the woman who was about three steps behind the faulty step.

The escalator came to an immediate halt when one of the steps in front of the woman suddenly broke.

Going by a photo that were posted of the scene (see below), it looks like the escalator step broke into three pieces.

Fortunately, the woman was not hurt. However, eyewitness Mrs Liu is reported to have said that she looked shocked and could not speak for a while.

During lunch and in the evening, the building is very crowded. Had this incident occurred then, things could have turned out quite disastrous.

A grim reminder for parents

How can we forget the July 2015 incident of a mother of a toddler in China who died after plunging through the flooring of an elevator in a shopping mall?

Then in October, also in China, a four-year-old boy also died after his hand was trapped by the moving handrails of an escalator.

Another Chinese boy narrowly escaped death after falling off an escalator, also last year.

Closer to home in Singapore, a four-year-old boy got his hands stuck between the steps of an escalator at the Ang Mo Kio MRT station a couple of years ago.

These are just a few of the incidents reported about tragedies and near-tragedies involving children and adults on escalators.

Escalator safety tips that all parents must read — next page please. 

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