Give your kid a head start with a mini-MBA!

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Set your child up for success with a mini-MBA at The Keys Academy! Help them learn essential skills like financial literacy, teamwork, and communication with The Keys’ “CEO Track” for primary age students.

There is no doubt that our children will live their adult lives in a world that is remarkably different from ours.

What are you doing to help your child prepare for success in tomorrow’s world?

To be high achievers in tomorrow’s world, our children need an education that equips them with more than just academic skills. They need to be able to build their core competencies that are essential to success in the classroom and beyond.

Preparing for success: The Keys' CEO track

The Keys Academy offers a learning pathway that combines business, leadership, and communication for kids as young as six years old. It’s not just for those mini-entrepreneurs out there - it’s for all children to learn how to be a great leader, an effective communicator, and a savvy saver.

src=https://sg content/uploads/sites/12/2014/12/KeysAcademy3.jpg Give your kid a head start with a mini MBA!

The Keys is the real deal when it comes to classes that are simultaneously engaging and rigorous - your kiddo will be having so much fun they won’t know how much they’re learning along the way!

Based on the the principles of Harvard Business School professor Ranjay Gulati, Advisor at The Keys Academy, The Keys’ CEO track introduces primary school students to the basics of business. The courses have been designed by a team drawn from top universities such as Harvard University, University of Cambridge, and Wharton.

The Keys Academy offers these life skills tracks for kids to truly learn and grow - each course, such as the mini-MBA starter or the mini-MBA Jr,  is offered at the same time slot all year round, so you don’t need to juggle your kid’s busy schedule. The learning pathway is already set, and so students learn to combine these skills in an increasingly complex way.

Leaders in training: The Mini-MBA

They really are never too young to learn.

What’s the key to helping young kids learn big ideas like business or leadership? The answer is real learning through business case studies that kids can grasp.

This kind of teaching is offered to kids aged between 6-8 years, via the “mini-MBA Starter” classes.

src=https://sg content/uploads/sites/12/2014/12/KeysAcademy1.jpg Give your kid a head start with a mini MBA!


For example, in the Business Starter class, students learn about the value of money, profit and loss, and savings. But it’s not through a powerpoint presentation or a bunch of worksheets - their capstone project involves the whole class running a restaurant!

Your child will be learning the ins and outs of social and emotional management in the Leadership Starter course, or constructing arguments and presenting a case to their classmates in the Communication Starter. But in each class, there is a capstone project where The Keys’ experienced teachers help the students apply these lessons to a business case like managing a Tshirt company or starting a babysitting business.

In this way, the students apply and internalise these crucial skills.

For those a little older (9-11 years) kids, The Keys has designed a “mini-MBA Jr” track where your child will continue to explore those three key areas of business, leadership, and communication as the case studies get increasingly complex.  They will learn about design thinking and market analysis, conflict management and team dynamics, and how to construct a winning argument.

src=https://sg content/uploads/sites/12/2014/12/KeysAcademy2.jpg Give your kid a head start with a mini MBA!

Real Learning at The Keys Academy

At The Keys Academy, they are dedicated to helping your child cultivate essential qualities such as initiative, critical thinking and confidence. These skills not only help your kids get those exam results, but also helps them truly enjoy the learning process as they explore their interests.

They need to be able to build their core competencies that are essential to success in the classroom and beyond. The Keys’ approach of real learning helps nurture individuals who are well-rounded, active and deep learners, problem-solvers, critical thinkers, information seekers, and leaders.

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Call +65 6734 8559 or visit The Keys Academy to know more.

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