14 Effective methods for soothing your crying baby

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14 mommies shared their best tip for soothing a crying baby! Which mom-approved method will work best for your baby?

Parents, let’s face it: babies are going to cry whether you like it or not. Even worse, you’re going to be left wondering why they’re crying to begin with. Whether your little bundle of joy is hungry, tired, cranky, teething, or in need of a diaper change, you can expect a barrage of crying and fussiness.

So what’s a parent to do about the inevitable bouts of crying their babies experience? Is there any way to help soothe our infants?

Well…unfortunately, every baby is different. So, there’s really not a one size fits all solution to a baby’s crying woes. Luckily, Alex Richards, mommy and head honcho of the blog site AlexRichards.org, rounded up 14 different methods from 14 different moms!

With that many different sources, your bound to find the perfect remedy for your crying baby! Check out these suggested methods for soothing a crying baby here:

1. Deep lunges or squats

Not only are these workouts great for your glutes…they’re great for your baby. Hold your baby upright against your chest while doing deep lunges or squats to help rock them to sleep while sculpting your glutes. Sounds like a win-win.


2. Baby stretches

A gas build-up could very well be the issue at play with your crying baby. Try utilizing a bicycle motion with their legs, tucking legs toward and gently pulling away from tummy to alleviate some of the pressure.


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