How to choose fun educational apps for your kids

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Preschoolers these days are amazingly tech-savvy. We show you how to make playing with smartphones educational and fun for your kids. Our friends at Tekkie Help share their top tips on choosing fun and educational apps for your kids!

Is your 4 year old a whiz with a smartphone? Does she swipe your smartphone screen and press buttons like she was born to do exactly that?

If the answer is ‘yes’, your child is not the only tiny tech whiz out there.

Children under the age of 6 years old have a way with technology. It’s not uncommon to see children as young as 2 intuitively swiping screens and confidently pressing buttons.

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It’s unusual to see a kid these days who is not tech-savvy!

You can make this attraction to technology work for you. Kids are already drawn to it, all you have to do is make sure that the time they spend on devices is not wasted. Learning is best when they’re having fun. So pick fun learning apps that your kids will want to learn from.

To help you with that, we’re sharing some of our best tips on how to make the most of the time your child spends on smart devices.

Choose quality Apps

It’s not just a case of handing over your phone or tablet; it’s finding the right quality of apps that is important. Pick ones which feed your child’s interests and strengths, while pushing the boundaries to support them to explore and learn new things. Take the time to do the research (or just take our advice!) and test them out. Choose a variety of activities – stories, puzzles, music, phonics, maths, role-play, art etc.

Get involved

Handing a phone to a wailing child maybe an easy way to get a few minutes of peace whilst you get a job done.  But do try to dedicate some time to use technology together with your child. Watch your kids playing a game or navigating a website. Ask them questions to spur their learning and encourage critical thinking. If they are stuck on one level that’s become too easy, ask if they know how to move up and help if necessary.

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Get involved with your kids when it comes to technology!

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All about balance

As with anything else, moderation is the key. Scientists still say the best way to develop a young mind is hands-on exploration and interacting with people. No matter how educational the app claims to be, technology is not going to turn them into geniuses – it will just help them get a little information. Ensure technology doesn’t replace more active pursuits and set limits on screen time at an early age.

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Don’t let it become all about technology, all the time. Devote healthy one-on-one time with your child away from all electronic gadgets every day.

Be a role model

Your attitude towards IT is important in influencing the relationship your children will have with it. All too often, parents can become so absorbed in a device that it becomes a barrier to communication with their children.  Think about the message you are sending next time you answer the phone in the middle of a game or surf the internet when you are on the bus with your children.

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Sarah Pinel