How to go green and clean for your family’s good health

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Common household cleaners that you use in your homes may be full of harmful ingredients. Find out about a gentle and effective alternative that has no harmful effects at all on your family's health.

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When you have kids, it’s easy to become very concerned about keeping every corner of your house clean.

It’s easy to become obsessed with cleanliness when you are a parent. As a result, you end up buying a plethora of household cleaning products.

However, many of these products contain a cocktail of very harsh chemicals that could be as, or even more, harmful than dirt to your child’s health. Then, there’s also the environmental impact of these chemicals to consider; we all want our planet to be a safe place for our children.

Realistically, it’s impossible not to clean your house regularly, especially when you have young children. But when you find out what’s really in common household cleaners, you will probably be horrified.

A toxic mix in chemical-based household cleaners

Here are some of the dangerous chemicals that you may be exposing your loved ones to on a regular basis through chemical-based household cleaners:

  • 2-Butoxyphenol, which is a skin and eye irritant and may cause blood disorders.
  • Phthalates (synthetic fragrances) that are linked to developmental abnormalities.
  • Synthetic colourant dyes, which may cause cancer and have other adverse health effects.
  • Parabens, which are linked to reproductive problems.

Do you know what is even scarier than the effects these chemicals can have on your health? It’s that many Singaporean parents are not even aware that their cleaners contain these harmful elements, possibly exposing their precious loved ones to these chemicals on a daily basis.

This is according to the Household Cleaning Products Survey 2015, conducted by theAsianparent’s Insights Team in collaboration with homegrown eco-friendly home cleaning brand bio-home

But if you are panicking — stop right now.

You just need to switch to green, eco-friendly household cleaning products like more and more Singaporean families are choosing to do (according to the survey) — and a really good green brand for you to consider is bio-home.

Find out on the next page just how effective bio-home cleaning products are at cleaning your home, while at the same time, not affecting your family’s health in any way.

eco friendly household cleaning products

The range of eco-friendly household cleaning products from bio-home clean effectively with no harmful effects on your family’s health.

Clean, green and homegrown

Homegrown heritage brand Lam Soon brings you bio-home, a brand of green household cleaning products. These products present you with cleaning solutions that are eco-friendly and health-friendly, since they are made from biodegradable and renewable plant-based active ingredients.

The fact that these products are free from harmful chemicals certainly doesn’t mean that they don’t do a proper job at cleaning. They work just as well and, as a bonus, you don’t have to stress about nasty chemicals leaving your skin dry, red, itchy and wrinkled. The fact that the products are free of harsh chemicals and have a neutral pH, means that they do not dry your hands and are suitable for sensitive skin

Most importantly, using bio-home’s products even on a daily basis results in absolutely no harmful effects on the health of your loved ones.

You can choose from any (or all!) of the following bio-home green cleaning products:

1. Dishwash liquid

eco-friendly household cleaning products

This truly green dishwashing liquid gets rid of grease on your dishes with just one pump, due to its 5x concentrated formula. It also helps you save water due to its low foam formula.

Ideal for sensitive skin because it has been dermatalogically tested and is pH balanced so your hands won’t feel dry. You will also love the fragrances it comes in: Lemongrass & Green Tea and Lavender & Bergamot.

2. Floor cleaner

eco-friendly household cleaning products

Made from 100% plant-based active ingredients, the floor cleaner is suitable for all surfaces, and leaves a non-sticky feel after use. It is free from phosphate, synthetic dyes, optical brighteners, EDTA, SLS, bleaching agents, phthalates or any cancer-causing agents.

Mums, with this rinse-free and quick drying formula, you can be sure that your floors are not just clean, but completely safe for your children and pets.

The bio-home floor cleaner is available in one fragrance – Lemongrass & Green Tea.

3. Kitchen cleaner

eco-friendly household cleaning products

The kitchen can be one of the toughest places in your house to clean and maintain, but with bio-home’s Kitchen Cleaner, the task just becomes easier.

Other than instantly eliminating grime and grease (of course without leaving harmful chemical residues), it also features a rinse free formula which reduces the hassle of having to wipe it with water again.

The bio-home Kitchen Cleaner is available in two fragrances — Lemongrass & Green Tea, as well as Lavender & Bergamot — which naturally reduce and mask unpleasant kitchen odours.

4. Multi-Surface cleaner

eco-friendly household cleaning products

This clever all-purpose cleaner meets all your general cleaning needs, cleaning effectively with its plant-based active ingredients.

Cleaning is also made hassle-free due to its rinse-free and quick drying formula, and it is dermatologically tested to ensure safe surfaces for your kids and pets, while being gentle on your hands.

The bio-home Multi-surface Cleaner is available in one fragrance — Lemongrass & Green Tea.

5. Laundry

eco-friendly household cleaning products

bio-home’s unique laundry detergents contain Plantmoist, a natural ingredient made from advanced technology in Germany to protect, replenish and moisturise the natural skin surface lipid layer on our body.

In addition, bio-home laundry detergent delicate contains Silk Protein, a 100% natural ingredient that is hydrolysed from silk. As it absorbs into your skin, it provides ultra-comfort softness for you and retains moisture up to 1000x times it’s weight! It is tested and proven to be gentle and suitable for babies, too.

These laundry detergents are suitable for indoor drying, as well as front- and top-loading washing machines, and save you money with their 3x concentrated formula — you just need one small capful for one load (5kg – 7kg) of washing.

What’s more, your family’s clothes will be left smelling lovely and fresh due to the unique fragrances these laundry detergents are available in: Hyacinth and Nectarine. You can also get two variants of this detergent: Regular and Delicate.

Mums, if you would like to receive free trial pouches of bio-home’s range of awesome eco-friendly household cleaning products, just like the bio-home Facebook page and send through your personal details. After all, you can’t go wrong with a product that is affordable, good for your health and the environment, leaves your home smelling great, and as a bonus, comes in attractive packaging too!

Don’t forget to post a comment below and let us know what you think of these products. Also, do share with us some of your own ”green” household tips and tricks!

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