The no-fuss maid insurance policy with comprehensive cover you need!

The no-fuss maid insurance policy with comprehensive cover you need!

Are you a new mum or the mum to a toddler or preschooler? If you are, you would know that hiring a maid can be a very stressful experience. This is a woman who will help you run your household, spend a considerable amount of time with your children and become someone that you depend on. These are some of the stressful situations I’ve experienced with my maids.

My maid got sick and it was a nightmare!

When my maid fell sick last year with a severe case of dengue, it was a terrible shock for everyone. Over the last few years, she has become such an integral part of the family, I felt like I couldn’t run my household without her. 

After seeing the cost of the medicine that she would need to recover, I was relieved that we had opted in for the insurance from the agency when we hired her. This relief was short-lived, however, as the agency explained to me that they only cover medical costs related to accidents, not illnesses.

I found this very frustrating because it is much more common for people to fall sick and need to see a doctor than it is to have an accident severe enough to require hospitalization. It felt like we were paying for coverage of something that we didn’t need but we were missing that protection in an area that would have been much more useful.

My first maid was a terrible fit for my family

Does it ever feel like the most stressful things always happen at the worst possible time? Earlier this year, my husband and I moved to a bigger apartment to accommodate our growing family. At the same time, we were getting ready to have our second child so we decided that it was time to hire a maid to help us manage the growing mountain of household chores we needed to tackle on a daily basis. 

We hired someone who sounded perfect on paper; good English skills, experienced with young kids and toddlers and comfortable in the kitchen - really, everything we had hoped for! You can imagine my horror and dismay when she arrived with a bad attitude, seemed indifferent to my young son and had none of the skills that the agency had promised us!

I know that nobody can predict such situations but are there solutions in the market that could lessen the pain of dealing with such situations?

Looking for comprehensive maid insurance is a hassle

I’ve spent many hours researching different maid policies, and I still haven’t found an insurance company that offers a comprehensive level of coverage. Isn’t the point of insurance to protect me if something unforeseen happens? It seems like many insurance companies ignore even commonplace problems like maids being unsuitable from the word “go”!

What FWD offers your family

FWD is the only insurance company to protect you, your family and your maid in all of these situations across three tiers of coverage so you can choose the plan that’s right for your family without paying for extras you don’t need.

When you sign up online with FWD, they will pay your maid’s $5,000 security bond to the Ministry of Manpower.  They are the only insurer in Singapore with a zero excess policy for the mandatory security bond. What this means is that where other insurance companies pay the balance of the security bond less the excess paid by the employer to the Ministry of Manpower, FWD pays the security bond in its entirety - a benefit that is available starting right from their base plan.

We’ve heard of unfortunate cases where helpers steal from their employers. Seriously, we wouldn’t want something so distressing happening to us and our families. What we like is that FWD’s maid insurance plan protects your home against theft by your helper. The home protection benefit also extends to fire and burglary.

And if things truly aren’t working out and you have to cancel your policy, you will get 100% of your premium if your policy is cancelled within the first three months. Terms and conditions apply.The no-fuss maid insurance policy with comprehensive cover you need!


Sign up now and get a discount!

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