7 easy dinner recipes to make each day feel like a special occasion!

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Add zest and flavour to every day of the week with these seven mouthwatering recipes!

Though, for most families, evenings are for catching up with our favourite shows, nothing beats being around the table with only sounds of conversation and laughter filling the air.

Yes, it’s a struggle for many exhausted parents to whip up something new every night but we’ve got you covered!

Here are 7 easy dinner ideas to make each day of the week feel like a celebration!

Monday: World’s Best Lasagna

Fight the Monday blues with this perfect cheesy, savory dish which truly lives up to its name. What’s great about this is the whole family can enjoy leftovers (at work or school) the next day!

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Tuesday: Twice Baked Butternutsquash

This incredibly healthy dish is an indulgent blend of Greek yogurt, goat cheese, and sage!

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