A simple way to deal with those pregnancy and birth-related worries

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A woman's pregnancy and birth journey is full of incredible moments bursting with love and joy... and plenty of stressful moments too. What is an effective way of dealing with some of these worries? Find out in this article...

early symptoms of pregnancy

Right from when you detect early symptoms of pregnancy right until your baby’s birth are full of amazing moments. Yet, mums-to-be just can’t help worrying about their developing baby’s wellbeing.

From the time you detect early symptoms of pregnancy, right up to your baby’s birth, the pregnancy journey is a beautiful nine months full of unforgettable moments.

Like the day you first discovered the tiny, precious life within you. Or the first time you see your little baby turning somersaults in your womb. Or when you feel the baby’s movements for the first time. Or when you see your stomach rippling with slow tumbles as the baby grows bigger.

Undoubtedly, you’re on a rollercoaster of emotions during your pregnancy. These feelings most certainly include excitement, as well as stress. In fact, the moment you find out you are pregnant, you are hurtled into the world of impending motherhood that is made up of equal parts anxiety and love for your child.

It’s true that mums-to-be just can’t help worrying about their developing baby’s wellbeing.

So while you celebrate each kick, hiccup, and tummy roll, you also worry about your little one. Is he okay? Why hasn’t he moved for some time? Will he be okay after he is born? What if the scans missed something?

early symptoms of pregnancy

With the early symptoms of pregnancy comes great joy and also birth related worries that are mostly  unjustified. But sometimes, there is a reason…

Usually, worries are unnecessary; most babies are likely to be fine. But sometimes, a mum-to-be’s anxieties can be justified especially when pregnancy complications or congenital illnesses are diagnosed during routine check-ups and scans.

There are also unforeseen birth complications and/or infant conditions that a mum-to-be won’t know about until she goes into labour and gives birth.

Can these complications be spotted along with early symptoms of pregnancy? What are some of these complications? Find out on the next page.

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