Dyson DC62 vacuum cleaner: A powerful vacuum cleaner that’s perfect for busy mums!

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Does the Dyson DC62 live up to its reputation as the most powerful cordless vacuum cleaner? Read our review to find out now…

These days, when it comes to cleaning the home, most of us rely on vacuum cleaners rather than the traditional method of sweeping with a broom and dustpan.

Be it for convenience or health reasons, vacuum cleaners seem to do a better job at eliminating dust at home. This is especially important when you have family members with respiratory issues like sinusitis and allergies. In fact, when you sweep the floor, all the dust particles get circulated into the air, so you end up inhaling them all over again.

dyson dc62 vacuum cleaner

Read on for our review of the Dyson DC62 vacuum cleaner

While searching for reviews on handheld vacuum cleaners recently, I was told not to settle for handheld models as these lacked the power needed to clean effectively. At the same time, I also knew that I didn’t want to have to lug a bulky vacuum cleaner with a long cord trailing behind while I attempted to clean my four-room flat thoroughly.

After much contemplation and reading more reviews online, I decided to give the Dyson DC62 handheld vacuum cleaner a try.

The Dyson DC62 vacuum cleaner promise

The first thing that attracted me towards the Dyson DC62 vacuum cleaner was the promise that this handheld unit would work just as well as a corded vacuum cleaner in terms of cleaning power.

dyson dc62 vacuum cleaner

The heart of the Dyson DC62 vacuum cleaner lies within the digital V6 motor.

The Dyson DC62’s high cleaning power is made possible by the digital V6 motor, which sits at the heart of the cordless vacuum cleaner. The V6 motor spins at 110,000rmp, which is five times faster than a formula one car engine.

Tested to last up to 38,000 hours of usage, you can use the Dyson DC62 vacuum cleaner everyday for four years, 24 hours a day! So, if you use it a few hours a week, you can bet that it will last you longer than four years.

On top of that, the Dyson DC62 vacuum cleaner also comes with 15 cyclones that work in parallel across two tiers. This feature ensures that the air flow throughout the cyclone pack is equal so that fine dust and dirt do not escape from the unit and get recirculated in the air.


dyson dc62 vacuum cleaner

Weighing a mere 2kg, the Dyson DC62 weighs less than a healthy new born baby and handling it is a breeze!

The Dyson DC62 comes with a long, purple aluminium wand and weighs a mere two kilograms. This makes the unit easy to manoeuvre – especially around tight spaces – that even your older kids can help out with vacuuming the floors.

Combining powerful cleaning with beautiful design, you’d want to take great care of your Dyson vacuum cleaner. Do be careful not to bash the wand against hard surfaces too often as it can result in scuff marks.

Find out how the Dyson DC62 vacuum cleaner fare on other aspects. Read more on the next page.

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