Dumex introduces a healthy eating plan for pregnant mums

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Mums-to-be, are you a little unsure how to eat right for 2? We’ve got great news for you! Danone Dumex, in collaboration with parenting experts and celebrity chef Eric Teo, has unveiled a simple meal plan to help expectant mums work towards a happy, healthy pregnancy. Keep reading for more…

dumex parenting from the heart, healthypregnancy meals, singapore

The Dumex Parenting from the Heart media event featured tips on healthy pregnancy meals for Singapore mums.

We were invited to the media preview of Dumex’s Parenting from the Heart gala dinner event last week at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront. To help new mums get on the right track of eating healthily from the start, the event featured a healthy 4-course gourmet meal that has been specially designed with the dietary needs of pregnant women in mind.

Freshly made using the finest and most nutritious ingredients, the 4-course gourmet meal was co-created by celebrity chef Eric Teo, a prestigious three-time winner of the World Gourmet Summit Executive Chef of the Year, together with a panel of parenting experts – Ms Tai Yee Fui, Regional Nutrition Director from Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition and Ms Fonnie Lo, ParentCraft expert from Thomson Medical Centre.

dumex parenting from the heart, healthy pregnancy meals, singapore

The creators of the gourmet dishes for pregnant mums: (L-R) Ms Tai Yee Fui, Regional Nutrition Director at Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition; Celebrity Chef Eric Teo; Ms Fonnie Lo, ParentCraft Expert from Thomson Medical Centre

This event brought back the amazing memories of the time when I was pregnant almost 2 years ago. Like every first-time mum, I was quite careful with what I ate. I tried to keep my meals balanced and healthy as much as possible. I even took extra care to steer clear of foods on the forbidden list (my dreams of lapping up plates of sashimi and enjoying soft cheeses with crackers were short-lived!). But between juggling busy work schedules and the endless to-dos at home, it wasn’t always easy to keep my meals healthy – especially when we are surrounded by a galore of fast and easy hawker food that tend to be on the greasy side.

dumex parenting from the heart, healthy pregnancy meals, singapore

The panel of parenting experts and Chef Eric Teo hopes to highlight the importance of eating healthy and balanced meals during pregnancy.

Recognising the challenge for busy expectant mothers to keep up with a healthy eating plan, the panel of parenting experts and Chef Eric Teo hope to instil the importance of eating well for expectant mums through the gourmet dishes. Nutritionist Ms Tai Yee Fui shared:  “Most pregnant women I meet are not aware of health issues associated with excessive weight gain [during pregnancy] or the impact of a poor diet on themselves – as well as their baby.”

At the media preview, Chef Eric Teo and the panel of experts talked about the creative process of designing these nutritious dishes – and how the cooking methods used helps to retain the nutrients that are beneficial for expectant mums.

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