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Dr Asha Karan from Smile Makers Dental Clinic Advices parents on children's toothpaste...

Marcus Tay

What toothpaste should my two and a half year old use? His teeth seem rather yellow. My only concern is that my child likes to swallow his toothpaste, and most brands of toothpaste have fluoride. I’ve heard that this can be bad because when he grows older there will be obvious yellow/brown stains on his teeth. Please advise.

Fluoride is very good for the prevention of tooth decay as it makes the surfaces of teeth harder and more resistant to the acids produced by bacteria. However, little children may not be able to spit properly and so there is the risk of swallowing the toothpaste.

The good news is that “children’s toothpastes” have lower levels of fluoride than those designed for adults. Hence, for young children who have not yet learnt to spit, it is good to choose the “children’s toothpastes”. Also, remember to use just a small amount of paste. All you need is just a pea-sized amount – that would be less than half the length of the toothbrush head.

Don’t be overly alarmed if your child does accidentally swallow a little toothpaste. Yellow or brown stains only occur in severe cases of fluorosis. What is important is that parents must learn the right techniques in brushing their toddler’s teeth. Ask your dentist to show you the right way. She will be able to show you how to hold your child so that you can get better access and simply see how effectively you are brushing your child’s teeth.

Dr Asha Karan

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