6 dos and don’ts for being the best parenting team possible

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While we'd all like to think of ourselves as the MVP of parenting, it's much more effective to go in as a team. Check out this expert advice!

Being the best parent you can be for your child is something every mum and dad strives for. While it’s nice to think of yourself as an MVP of parenting, a better way to approach solid child rearing is to think of you and your partner as a team. As co-parents, you will work together to raise your children and do it efficiently.

When implemented properly, co-parenting has been linked to children having fewer symptoms of anxiety, depression, and behavioural and social problems. So, it goes without saying that the strategy is effective and beneficial for your children.

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So how can a mum and dad properly work together as co-parents? According to Laura D. Pittman, Ph.D., an Associate Professor of Psychology and Director of Clinical Training at Northern Illinois University, there are six dos and don’ts to help do so.

Check out Dr. Pittman’s 6 tips for being the best co-parents possible:

1. Split decision making/disciplinary responsibilities

“Parenting decisions should be based on your own opinions as well as the opinions of your co-parent,” says Dr. Pittman. “When you don’t agree, it’s essential to find compromises to create rules and set boundaries you can both enforce.”

If parents don’t come together to set a solid foundation of rules and guidelines, a child may be confused by what he/she can or can’t do. If mum says no, then dad must also say no and vice versa. Otherwise, your child may test the limits of each parent and their parenting style! Don’t allow for this to happen, parents. It’s much wiser to come together and split decision making, and disciplinary responsibilities.


2. Never undermine each other

Pittman says, “When one parent makes a decision or sets a boundary, the co-parent should be supportive of that decision and enforce it in the same way.”

To further the ideas stated in entry #1, parents must come together to establish rules; however, when enforcing those rules, it’s important that parents not undermine each other. There’s no need to usurp or undercut your co-parents disciplinary actions, or parenting decision. Handle everything as a team and don’t create tension between you and your co-parent.


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