Don’t Let The Hustle And Bustle of The Festive Season Take A Toll On You, Breastfeeding Mama

Don’t Let The Hustle And Bustle of The Festive Season Take A Toll On You, Breastfeeding Mama

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! While celebrations may be slightly muted and smaller due to the COVID-19 situation, everyone is gearing up to have a jolly good time. If you’re a mum, let alone a breastfeeding one, chances are your hands are full preparing to deliver a perfect celebration. As such, staying on top of your nutritional needs and breastfeeding requirements can be a challenge. But with the help of maternal milk to strike a balance and keep your nutrition on the right track, you can continue to enjoy your breastfeeding and continue to be the best for your baby amidst the festive hustle and bustle. 

Overcoming Festive Challenges 

Exactly why are mums so stressed rather than being able to have a ball of a time? Let’s take a closer look. 

Don’t Let The Hustle And Bustle of The Festive Season Take A Toll On You, Breastfeeding Mama


  • To eat, or not to eat?

Your home is filled with the lovely aromas of sugar, spice and everything nice. While preparing for the festivities, the temptation to have another cookie or mince pie is ever present. Then you are caught in a conundrum – will you give in to the temptation and compromise on nutrition for your baby? 

Here’s the good news – you can actually have your cake and eat it too (in moderation)! You’ve just got to keep a check on what you eat to get just enough calories and don’t forget to include maternal milk in your diet to get the right nutrients to continue breastfeeding.

  • So much to do, so little time!

You have decorations to put up, presents to wrap, meals to prepare and the list goes on. It’s all too easy to get caught up and then realise that you haven’t had a proper meal all day! Skipping meals is not recommended but if getting regular and balanced meals is tough, bridge the gap with maternal milk as a tasty and nutritious snack that can be prepared in a jiffy to meet your increased nutrient needs as a breastfeeding mum, while you are in the swing of things! 

  • That dress though… 

Even if you walk around in yoga pants and a messy bun on most days, the festive season usually gives you some impetus to doll up. Maybe it’s finally time to reach into the closet for that gorgeous dress…but whether it fits is another story. Losing weight for the holidays sounds like a plan but the infamous breastfeeding hunger pangs stand in your way. Well, if you’re trying to manage your weight, opt for the maternal milk that is low in fat to help you stay well-nourished without excess calories and whilst providing the key nutrients to continue breastfeeding. 


Keeping Your Nutrition On The Right Track With Maternal Milk 

So it’s not that bad, really... You may be busy and stressed but that should not hinder your breastfeeding journey or leave you worse off for the wear. That’s where a maternal milk has a critical role to play in supporting your increased nutritional needs and helping you to stay on track for balanced nutrition. 

Moreover, during a busy and hectic period, you might not be putting as much thought into planning your meals as you usually would. That’s not so good for a breastfeeding mum who has to increase her nutrient intake to sustain breastmilk supply. A mother whose diet lacks important nutrients, such as Vitamin A and many B vitamins for example, would have lower levels of these in her breastmilk, according to the Health Promotion Board.  

Don’t Let The Hustle And Bustle of The Festive Season Take A Toll On You, Breastfeeding Mama

Similac Mum, Your Most Complete Nutrition Choice  

Now that you understand the importance of adding maternal milk to your diet, you might embark on the journey of selecting the right one for you. Look no further than Similac Mum as the most complete maternal milk to support you in staying on track with your nutritional needs. 

Similac Mum is a maternal milk that is scientifically studied among pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. It now has an improved EyeQ Plus nutrition system with Natural Vitamin E, Lutein (an integral part of the eye’s retina), Choline (Vitamin B), Iron, and DHA, a building block for your baby’s brain and eyes. In fact, it is the most complete Maternal Milk with 27 essential vitamins and minerals for pregnant and breastfeeding mums! 

If you are watching your postpartum weight, you’ll be glad to know that Similac Mum is the Healthier Choice maternal milk that is lowest in fat! Providing a host of valuable nutrients with less fat, Similac Mum is suitable for mothers watching their weight during pregnancy and breastfeeding. 

Discover support for your breastfeeding life by connecting with a wider breastfeeding mum community via the Million SimMums Facebook page and check out the Similac Mum Healthy Recipes video series for healthy and confinement recipes that you can add to help keep your nutrition in check amidst the festivities. 

Also because it is that time of the year and things keep getting better, you can stand to win up to 3 months’ supply of Similac Mum worth S$201 by posting on your Facebook or Instagram how you are trying to stay healthy this festive season. Share your healthy moment in a Facebook or Instagram post along with the hashtags #BeingBestForBaby and #SimilacMum between now to 27 December 2020.  Terms & condition applies.

  • First prize: 3 months’ worth supply (6 cans of Vanilla 900gm worth $201)
  • Second prize: 2 months’ worth supply (4 cans of Vanilla 900gm worth $134)
  • Third prize – 1 month worth supply (2 cans of Vanilla 900gm worth $67)

Whether you are trying to live your best Breastfeeding Life or to win a thoughtful gift for the breastfeeding mum in your life, this will definitely come in handy. Get your supply of Similac Mum to bring you good tidings this Yuletide season! 

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Nasreen Majid

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