What you don’t know can harm your kids: learn how to best protect them with these facts

Parents, are you doing everything you can to make sure your child’s health is protected in the best way? Check out these facts and tips. Brought to you by HPB.


We try our best as parents to protect our kids from troubling situations whether it's bullies at school, emotional pains or health problems.

We want to see our kids happy and healthy all the time - so if there is one thing all parents can agree on, it is that we will do whatever it takes to ensure our kids get the best care.

This includes their health. Here’s what you should be doing to ensure your kids get the best, especially when it comes to their health. A flu might be something that comes and goes, but what if you could avoid it altogether?

Singaporean parents were surveyed on their thoughts on the flu and this is what they have to say - the findings were pretty interesting!

Wow! Did you know that there is a difference between a cold and the flu? The flu is actually far more serious than some parents believe! But thankfully, there is a way to keep your kids protected from getting the flu - flu vaccinations!

What is a flu vaccination? Well, flu vaccinations help your child’s body develop antibodies about two weeks after the jab to protect them against the viruses in the vaccine. It is important to get the flu vaccination once a year, every year to ensure its efficacy.

Now, here are some myths that need to be dispelled! Get your facts straight, so your child is well protected.

How else can you ensure your child gets the best protection against the flu at home? Use the five F.I.G.H.T. steps for the whole family to fight the flu.

Find more information on F.I.G.H.T. and getting a flu vaccination at Fight the Spread by Health Promotion Board.