Married man's cheating post on dating app gets trolled

Married man's cheating post on dating app gets trolled

Cheating doesn't make things right.

Nobody likes a cheater, especially when they are on the receiving end. It is hurtful and the feeling of betrayal is not something you will easily forget. After all, once a cheater, always a cheater, right? But does karma exist for cheaters? In this story, yes, it does.

Recently a woman named Linda came across a posting on Tinder by a man who called himself P.

So on Mr P's listing, it read "Married, home alone tonight looking for someone to call in, share a bottle of wine, beer and more..... sorry there's no head shot, too risky but will send one if you are interested calling over. I'm in North Dublin area."

First of all "interested calling over" is just bad English and secondly, married and looking to get lucky all in one line? Seriously? However, that wasn't what caught Linda's eye or why her post on Twitter received so many comments.

It was the crib

does karma exist for cheaters

Perhaps after this, married men would:

  1. think twice about cheating
  2. give more thought about where they're taking a selfie for a dating app
  3. and if you're planning on taking someone else to bed other than your wife, can you please not include a picture of a crib in the background of your profile picture?

Does karma exist for cheaters?

Apparently so, because the wannabe cheating-dad was completely annihilated as people began trolling the post, starting with Linda when she said this:

"My mate came across this tinder profile tonight. Extra Douchebag points for the Moses basket in the background."

Then other netizen comments came pouring in:

"His partner is bound to recognise her dress hanging up in the background"

"He's obviously as thick as he is sleazy .. who in their right mind would invite a random into their marital home ?!?!"

"With her baby. Her very small moses basket sized baby!"

"Well if it is good luck. Wifey probably has friends and family who would recognise the moses basket and dress and will tell your missus. So far 10,000 people have clicked into your photo. It's been shared over 2000 times on Facebook. You deserve everything you get!"

Why do married men cheat?

Married man's cheating post on dating app gets trolled

Is it because they are seeking more sex or attention?

Whether or not this man's wife still has a small baby, or if her libido is still low for the time being, we do not know. I'm sure plenty of men would argue that they would feel unloved if their wives turn them down for sex too often.

Still, cheating doesn't make it right. We're talking about betraying a trust that you two built together. Is it worth it?

It is not right, but unfortunately... it happens a lot.

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Rosanna Chio

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