Doctor advises women to get pregnant after graduating university

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“It may not be true that women should be having babies at the time of the GCSEs but they shouldn't leave it much later than graduation.”

Conceiving a child, for some women, is hard enough without a ticking clock reminding them that their fertility has an expiration date. Now an expert is saying that women who plans to have a family should get pregnant shortly after graduating from university.

According to Dr. Gillian Lockwood, medical director of the Midland Fertility Clinic, the optimum age for a woman to conceive is at 25, when fertility is at its peak and the risk of miscarriage and genetic conditions like Down’s syndrome are at their lowest.

“It may not be true that women should be having babies at the time of the GCSEs but they shouldn’t leave it much later than graduation,” Dr. Lockwood said in a Daily Mail report.

“Age 25 is exactly the time when today’s young women have left university, are trying to get off on a good career, trying to pay back their student loans, trying to find someone who wants to have babies with them and trying to get on the housing ladder,” the doctor added.

For many women who choose to have children later in life, IVF is a viable option, but at an event at the Cheltenham Science Festival where Dr. Lockwood discussed fertility, he said that IVF poses certain problems.

By the age of 40, there is a 12.1% chance of IVF with a woman’s own egg working and that decreases to 1.6% by the age of 45, according to research.

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