Do you get along well with your mother?

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The verdict is out. Singaporeans are not particularly close to their parents. Roshni Mahtani shares about her own weird equation with her mum.

I share a slightly odd relationship with my mother. I love my mother dearly, but there are times that she drives me crazy.

Like when she has something to say about my cooking. ‘Too much salt, dear. Next time, use less sugar…’. She also has a habit of spending time with my helper, teaching her how to organize the kitchen better, than talk to me on the rare occasions that she comes home to visit. And it definitely bugs me that she constantly guilt trips me about not being (physically or fully) present at family dinners when I am up to my neck in work.

Which is why it’s strange that when I first chanced upon this video, I could only think of my Mum.

This video was part of a social experiment — to see if simply looking at someone for four quiet, uninterrupted minutes, with no digital devices to distract, would help you reconnect with that person better. 12 real life couples in varying relationships were chosen for this ad.

If you watched the video, you would know why I felt tears trickling down my cheek. The ad focussed on fathers and brothers and sisters as well. But I could only think of my Mum. And I needed to talk to her right away. So without any hesitation, I gave her a call.

But she did not pick up the phone.

My mind went into overdrive and my heart raced. “Why was she not picking up the phone? Please, just pick up the phone,” I thought; for I wanted to hear her voice, even if she were just to nag me. “What could have happened? Had she fallen sick? I should have called earlier!” My mind had officially entered paranoia territory.

She finally did pick up that call. We bickered about something absolutely random again, and all was well with the world. Only, I had now come to realise something: that..

“Mum, we may not always see eye to eye, but I STILL LOVE YOU.”

Am I the only one?

Being CEO of theAsianparent, I have read and written so much on parenting and relationship issues, I feel qualified enough to write a book on them. Yet, sometimes, I feel like I don’t really know my own parents. Am I alone in feeling this way? Apparently not.

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