How to discover and develop your kids’ hidden talents

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Does your child paint pictures beautifully, or win every race he's ever ran, or is a whiz in the kitchen? He might have some hidden talents yet to be discovered and developed! Here's how you can help him find his niche and also reach his full potential in life

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You may be surprised to discover that your child has some hidden talents!

When I was a little girl, I was generally quiet and was pretty awkward — so when my mother watched me act onstage at my school’s Drama shows, she was completely surprised and told everyone that she had no idea I had the confidence to perform in front of a live audience!

She supported my dreams of joining the Drama Club in school, attended as many of my performances as she could, and even convinced my academically inclined father to let me study at an Arts college to major in Theatre.

To this very day, my mum still laments about how she was totally clueless about my hidden talents and if she had discovered them earlier, she would have signed me up for more acting and writing courses, or send me to audition for children’s TV shows.

Although I did not start my career as a child star and sometimes wish that I had an early head start in the entertainment industry, I am still grateful that my mother supported my dreams once she knew what they were and helped shape me into who I am today.

So if you have a young child whose personality is starting to emerge, here’s how you can discover their hidden talents and help them reach their full potential!

How to discover your kids’ hidden talents

There’s no need to send your child for a professional evaluation to figure out what his strengths and capabilities are, because as a parent there are a few simple ways you can easily identify his hidden talents:

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Your child’s hobbies and interests will give you clues on what his or her hidden talents are

1. Observe your child during playtime

When your child is playing, does he prefer to sit quietly and draw pictures, or does he like to run around kicking a football in the park, or maybe he enjoys digging deep into the soil for earthworms and other creepy crawlies?

His favourite activities are a good indication of what his interests are and if you keep observing him during playtime, pretty soon you’ll be able to figure out what his strengths are and whether he potentially has a hidden talent yet to be discovered.


2. Introduce your child to different activities

Expose your child to different experiences and let him try out all sorts of activities so that he can also figure out what he likes or what he’s naturally good at.

Bring him to different places, introduce him to new hobbies, have fun participating in a wide range of activities together, or sign him up for trial workshops to see whether or not he takes interest in it.


3. Listen to your child

The easiest way to figure out what your child’s hidden talents could be is to just ask him what he likes, what his dreams are and what he wants to be when he grows up!

Even if he wants to be Superman, ask him what exactly it is about this superhero that he aspires to be like — if he wants to help people in trouble, maybe he can become a policeman or firefighter in future? Or if he wants to be able to fly, then perhaps he’ll grow up to be a commercial pilot or even join the Republic of Singapore Air Force?


What can you do to nurture your kids’ hidden talents so they can reach their full potential? Go to the next page to find out!

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