How to discipline your child without making him resent you

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Learn how to discipline your child — and avoid being the parent he resents — with these helpful tips!

Discipline follow up without having your child resent you

Are your disciplinary methods making your child resent you?

Disciplinary actions are never popular among screaming tots but they have to be enforced whether they are well-received or not. For parents fearing that steps like this might strain your relationship with your kid, fear not — we share pointers on how to discipline your child without having them resent you because of it.

The importance of follow up

You know the feeling when you’re left hanging at the end of a book that doesn’t tie up the plot’s loose ends? Or even a cliffhanger at the latest blockbuster movie?

We all know the sense of frustration and bewilderment that comes around when we don’t experience a follow-up or are enlightened from knowing what all that was about. Imagine how your kids would feel, too, if you simply discipline them without following up on your actions.

This is probably the root cause of what every parent fears the most — your kids resenting you after you discipline them.


Make sure you explain to your child why you are disciplining her, so as to avoid her feeling resentful towards you.

Discipline and its aftermath doesn’t always have to be difficult. Your child won’t resent you if he or she realises that what you’re doing is actually for his or her best interests.

So, make sure your kid understands your rationale for discipline and ensure that you don’t leave her ‘hanging’ after you discipline her. Always follow up your discipline methods with calm reasoning, and lots of hugs and cuddles, of course!