Never miss a precious moment with your kids — Introducing the Dinnertime Kids app!

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The Dinnertime Kids app allows parents to stay close to their families and kids whether they are just working late or thousands of miles away. Perfect for Father's Day too!

dinner time kids app

Parents are their kids’ first heroes!


They are their kids’ heroes without a doubt, and do everything in their power to protect and nurture their little ones.

Mums and dads around the world know the art of burping babies, rocking them to sleep, singing to them a favourite song, kissing boo-boos and chasing monsters away.

They are skilled at cuddling their little ones tight and tenderly so kids feel their parents’ arms are the safest place to be in the world.

Needless to say, kids adore time with their family — they love singing songs with Mum or Grandma, or having their dad or grandpa read them a story.

They also love welcoming Daddy home after a long day at work and sitting down together for a meal.

Dinner Time kids app

Many dads cherish the time after work — dinnertime and bedtime — when they get to spend quality time with their kids.

Having their parents home by dinnertime means the world to many kids, as this is when they get to spend quality time together — whether it’s exchanging stories with Mum over a hot, home-cooked meal, or after dinner when Daddy puts them to bed.

But sometimes, parents don’t get to spend as much time as they wish they could with their kids because of work commitments — they could be held up at their office right here in Singapore, or in another country thousands of miles away on a business trip.

dinner time kids app

Be close to your kids even if you are thousands of miles away with the Dinnertime Kids app!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a way busy parents could still share every precious moment with their kids, even if they were at work or overseas on a business trip?

Now there is a way, and just in time for Father’s Day too — with the Dinnertime Kids VideoCall App!

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