How to choose the right shower gel for your whole family

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Read about the importance of choosing a shower gel that gets rid of germs and maintains the pH balance of your skin...

Kids love taking a shower at the end of a busy day!

Kids love taking a shower at the end of a busy day!

“Yay! It’s shower-time!”

When you have kids, shower-time can be so much fun. It’s just what they need to start an exciting day, or to get rid of that feeling of ickiness after a long day at school.

Once his shower is over, nothing beats giving your squeaky-clean child a big hug before he drifts off to sleep, or gets ready for a brand new day.

For kids, shower-time is about so much more than just having fun — it’s also an essential activity that helps keep kids germ-free, clean and healthy.

However, as mums, we often tend to neglect our own well-being. It is important to keep our own skin germ-free, healthy and moisturised too. Plus, a nice, warm shower is the perfect way to unwind after a long day… which is exactly what many mums need!

It’s all about keeping skin germ-free

Dettol shower gel

Who doesn’t love a freshly bathed, sweet-smelling kid?!

Taking a shower is crucial for washing off the grime, dust, sweat and germs off your family’s bodies at the end of the day, and for freshening them up at the start of the day.

In essence, taking a shower — and, incidentally, the shower gel you use — play an important role in keeping at bay nasty germs that may cause us to become ill.

Shower gel also has another critical job. But before we tell you all about it, let’s talk about the body’s largest organ — our skin.

We know that what we put on our skin — not only when it comes to our little ones but also for the whole family — helps in keeping our skin germ-free, healthy, and moisturised.

As such, it’s really important that you choose a shower gel that kills germs and also keeps your skin beautiful at all times.

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