Road trip – driving to Malaysia for holidays

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Wondering where to take a vacation with the kids this coming holidays? How about a road trip to Malaysia? Here are 6 great driving destinations (besides your usual Lego land/Hello kitty land)

Driving holidays

Road trip to Malaysia for holidays – ‘License to Drive’ – “On my 1st Birthday, I drove my Mama & Papa to my PD’s clinic!” – Abhijay Mishra @ 13 months

Road trips are great fun for the family.  There are no restrictions to your travelling plans, and you can make pit stops whenever you like.  However, you should always observe safety measures and have a reliable and comfortable car on a road trip.

Get a car with a good engine that is fuel- efficient so you need not worry about spending too much time at petrol kiosks.  Make sure that the car is roomy so that your passengers (i.e. the kids) are comfortable.

You also want a car that is easy on the driver, like the Citroën Grand C4 Picasso, whose electric parking brake and Hill Start Assist System help you set off or manoeuvre on slopes, giving you more confidence while driving on hilly terrain.

Taking a road trip in the tropical heat means that you need a car that keeps you cool and comfortable during the journey.  The Citroën Grand C4 Picasso has air condition and temperature controls in the front row and row 2 passenger seats so the passengers have the freedom to adjust it to suit their needs.

It also has rear windows with retractable roller blinds to filter light so your kids can be sheltered from the sun while still enjoying a clear view of the scenery.

Without further ado, here are 6 child-friendly destinations in Malaysia that you can drive to within 7 hours from Singapore.

Malaysia Road trip destination 1: Kota Tinggi (State of Johor)

Kota Tinggi waterfalls

Driving time*: 2 hours (42 km North-East of Johor Bahru)

Drive through either the causeway which is faster or theTuas check point which is less complicated. Spend the night at the Kota Tinggi Rainforest Resort, or choose from a variety of resorts in Desaru, a short drive away.

Things to do:

  • Catch Fireflies at Kota Tinggi
  • Telok Sengat Crocodile Farm – Trick performance by Malaysia’s crocodile Dundee
  • Lombong Falls – enjoy the many wading and swimming pools at popular waterfall.