Designer vaginas for better sex

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Vaginoplasty is becoming the craze in Singapore. Why? Ladies want to give the old and boring sex life a boost, especially after childbirth and the “loosening and tearing” of certain areas. Find out what they do to achieve desired results.

Call it what you will—vaginoplasty, vaginal tightening or vaginal rejuvenation surgery—it is meant to give you a better sex life. Question is, who will it benefit from it? The man, the lady or both?

Regardless, it is reportedly becoming popular when it comes to Singaporean professionals. They will pay between $4,000-25,000 to get the cosmetic surgery done.

Just Google “Vaginoplasty in Singapore” and you’ll get endless search results.

The different kinds of surgeries

As you may be well aware, vaginal muscles expand after surgery and no amount of exercise can improve the condition of loose and weak vaginal muscles. That is why some women opt for this. We have not even touched the problem on incontinence yet—but you get the point.

Vaginal rejuvenation actually refers to any cosmetic procedure done to the vagina and vulva to repair vaginal structural defects taking into account aesthetics. Surgeries can be altering the outer appearance of the vagina or even tightening the vaginal canal. Here are the most common procedures:

Labiaplasty involves work on the inner or outer labial lips for better function. It could be the reduction in size or removal of pigmentation.

Hymenoplasty simply means reattaching the hymen—think ‘Like a virgin’. Most women do this procedure for religious reasons. Some lives depend on this. Surely you have heard of honour killings, right?

Vaginal tightening is exactly what it sounds like—the tightening of the vaginal canal to construct the entrance to be more like the pre-birthing state.

A better sex life?

A 42-year-old lady by the name of Ho went for the procedure, according to Sin Chew Daily. She said that the operation was a success and had opened up “ a whole new world” for her.

28-year-old Adrianna, a mother of one, went for laser vaginal rejuvenation. She shared her story: “After childbirth I lost my sensation because of a vaginal laxity, my sexual life was a disaster. I also had bulging of the rectum and issues with bowels.”

She said that after the surgery, “I can feel again, my sex has improved and I no longer have the problem-rectocele.”

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