Reorganizing a Small Room!

Reorganizing a Small Room!

I will be moving into my own house by next year. I have two kids, age six and two. I need ideas of separating spaces in each small room.

I would be moving into my own house by next year. I have two kids, 6 (Catherine) and 2 (Ignatius). Perhaps you could give me an idea of separating spaces in each room? Their room is about 3.4m x 4.1m space.

The key is to focus on providing kids with just what they need for sleep, study, storage and self-expression.

The room is not very big; therefore good planning is essential for their rooms. Dedicate the following space within the room bases on the basic things your child will need to do in the room.

1) Sleep – A single bed with trundle is a great solution for a visitor like her grandma to sleepover with Catherine. She will have more space to roam in the room when the grandma is not around. A queen size bed will take up a permanent space in the room.

2) Dressing Up – Like any girl, she will definitely need a place for a little dresser with a long standing / wall mount mirror which I think she will appreciate very much, plus a little clothes hanger for her to hang her daily dresses, hats and even props! To have more fun, you can consider to put some spot lightings or little curtains, upholstered tuffet to create this special dressing corner for her

3) Storage – Storage wall unit / chest of drawer / bookshelves/ wall mounted shelves will give much storage space for toys and books. Include both open, display and hidden, make storage easily accessible if you want them to use it. For kids at their ages, cater some low height storage space which can be accessed by them easily.

4) Study - A proper study desk and chair in the room is essential for Catherine at a dedicated study spot to stash paperwork and start responsible habit. This area should be with sufficient natural lightings.

5) Rest & Relax / Play corner – a simple cushy armchair, bean bags or cushions, give the kids a great comfort to spare, without a lot of fuss. Throw in a reasonably size of rugs and small tables & chairs if space allow.

Ignatius is at a toddler age now, he will soon outgrow and his interest and his likings will change. Look out for more adorable accessories and easily replaceable decorations for his room. Children at this age start perceiving colours and details more with their ability to move around and explore. At this point, you can indulge him in decorations that feature storybook or cartoon. Give him a corner for reading and a separate corner for playing. Boys who love to imitate will appreciate a reasonable sized mirror on the wall or a big writing board for expressing his feeling, ideas and thoughts. Always keep safety in mind.

If you are placing all the above spaces within the room, ensure the colour and styles of the furniture, furnishing, accessories are well coordinated. My opinion is to keep the furniture colour simple as the colours from their accessories, furnishing and their stuffs are colourful enough to cheer the room. Create a space that Catherine and Ignatius will cherish now and through the years and their memory of their room will stay with them forever.

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