David Beckham ranked top man to watch TV with in Singapore

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Who do you prefer David Beckham or Benedict Cumberbatch? Apparently, here in Singapore, David Beckham has been ranked top man to watch TV with!

David Beckham, we all know him, we’ve cooed at his adorable daughter and we’ve looked on enviously at his drop dead gorgeous wife, Victoria Beckham. Did you also know, that he has recently been dubbed the top man to watch TV with here in Singapore?

A poll conducted by BBC Worldwide, aimed at garnering a better understanding of Asian views towards British Television, discovered that David Beckham is the man we Singaporeans would most like to share a couch with!

David Beckham came out on top amongst other contenders such as Benedict Cumberbatch, Sir David Attenborough, Nigella Lawson and Adele. The poll dictates that this is probably thanks to his British sense of humour, that us Singaporeans can’t help but welcome as a pleasant distraction from our highly stressful way of life.

Oddly enough, women aged 25-34 stated that they would prefer Benedict Cumberbatch over David Beckham! What do you think mummies, who would you prefer to watch a little telly with?


Source: BBC Worldwide

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