7 Unusual date ideas for married couples in Singapore that don’t cost a cent!

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Did you know that regular dates are key to a healthy marriage? Here are some unique and low-cost date ideas for married couples in Singapore!

After getting married and having children, dating can seem a bit pointless. When was the last time you and your spouse planned a date night? For most married couples in Singapore, spending time and money to keep up the romance just sounds too troublesome when you’re already stably attached. 

Dating: crucial for your marriage

Here’s what married couples often don’t realise: quality time is well worth spending on. Not only does it keep your marriage strong, it makes your home a safe, happy space for your kids. Bryan Tan, CEO of Dads of Life and the Centre for Fathering, recounted to The Straits Times (May 13) how prior to setting up regular date nights, the tension in his marriage distressed his children:

Our children seem to be benefiting from our closer relationship as a couple. They no longer exhibit that fear and anxiety that I once saw in Michael whenever Adriana and I disagreed… After a series of regular dates, we have managed to reconnect so that we feel strong as a couple, and present a genuinely united and consistent front for the children.”

“As I started to re-focus on my marriage, I began to appreciate Adriana all over again, not just as the self-sacrificing mother of my three children, but also as that gorgeous and dynamic woman whom I had prayed really hard to marry years ago.” 

Though date nights probably don’t seem too important in your married life right now, it’s all about constantly feeding your marital spark. It’s better not to wait till the cracks appear in your marriage, if any! Your kids will definitely feel the difference and thrive on the atmosphere of love that you and your spouse create. 

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Date ideas for married couples in Singapore

Not only is dating not a waste of time, it doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. In fact, the best dates are often those which cost your wallet nothing at all! This leaves you free to lavish effort on what really matters: spending time together. 

In case your dating skills have gotten a bit rusty, here are some unusual, 100% free date ideas that can help reignite the spark in your marriage.

1) Renew your vows at the love lock bridge

Paris had its Pont Des Arts, but did you know Singapore has its very own bridge where couples can attach padlocks to symbolise their undying love? You can find this romantic love lock space on the walkway just outside Clarke Quay Central mall, facing the Singapore River.

Go for a picturesque stroll along the Singapore River, bring your own padlock (or get one from the vending machine nearby for $4) and renew your vows of trust and commitment to each other. 

2) Spend an evening reliving the past

To call up the old flame of romance in your marriage, where better to take a trip than down memory lane? Set aside a quiet evening to look at your old wedding albums together by candlelight! Share the old-but-gold memories you have of your courtship days and talk about how both of you have changed together. 

3) Have a DIY spa night

Put the kids to bed early and spend the rest of the night relaxing with a DIY spa treatment. Give each other foot rubs and back massages. Have a long soak in a bubble bath or scrub each other under the shower. As you do so, tell each other how your week went and feel the stress of the day melting away! 

4) Pack a picnic 

Put together some sandwiches and anything else you happen to have in your fridge! There’s no need to go all the way to Botanic Gardens for this date, either — if you are strapped for time, the nearest neighbourhood park or rooftop garden will do in a pinch. Bring a deck of cards or just soak in each other’s company. 

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5) Get craftsy 

To reignite the flame of your married life, why not create the perfect memento of it? Spend a night putting together a family photo album. Alternatively, write out the story of how you met and fell in love, for your future kids and grandkids to read!

6) Go volunteering as a couple

Have you heard of “honeyteering” — a trend fast catching on where newlyweds spend their honeymoons volunteering? Rather than visiting luxurious hotels and paradise beaches, these couples celebrate their romance by fuelling their passion to give to a greater cause.

Couple volunteering in Singapore is a great way for you and your spouse to reflect on the life you’ve made together with gratitude, and count the blessings of your married life. You can make a difference in the lives of other children besides your own with the Singapore Children’s Society, or help low-income families with Beyond Social Services. If both of you love animals, why not lend a helping hand at the SPCA? You can also spend quality time with the elderly at Lions Befrienders or the Dover Park Hospice.  

7) Play some bedroom games

Light the candles, set the mood with some slow tunes, and spend a few hours playing games with a flirty twist. How does strip trivia sound? Truth or dare and Would You Rather: Bedroom Edition will help you reconnect between the sheets. 

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(Source: The Straits Times)

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