Food items containing unapproved additive!

Food items containing unapproved additive!

Investigations find more dangerous food products on Singapore shelves, containing potentially harmful Maleic acid. This comes a week after Sunright recalled their bubble teas from shops across the country amid food safety concerns.

Dangerous food taken of shelves

Dangerous food taken of shelves in Singapore

According to reports, more products have now been recalled from shops across Singapore due to concerns over dangerous food ingredients. Earlier this month a Taiwanese company, Sunright, had to recall their bubble tea products. This week, the number of products taken off shelves has risen even further.

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Investigations found the products to contain traces of Maleic acid, which is not approved by the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA). The 11 affected products were tested along with 55 other products which have been judged to be safe.

Check your cupboards

Here is the full list the dangerous food products:

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Hong tapioca starch, manufactured by Kai. & Co. Hong Foods Taiwan

Redman black tapioca pearl, manufactured by Possmei International Co Ltd

Sunright indica rice powder, manufactured by Sunright Foods Corporation

Top 1 tapioca pearls, manufactured by Shang Wang

Unbranded starch ball

Tea World tapioca starch balls, manufactured by Grand Chainly Enterprises Co. Ltd.

Ting Long tapioca pearls, manufactured by Ting Long

Sun Chi noodles, manufactured by Sun Chi Zhi Mian Chang

T&M Resources Corp tapioca pearls, manufactured by An Li Si

Pure Tea white tapioca pearls, manufactured by M/s Taiwan Tapioca Foods Company Ltd

Pure Tea black tapioca pearls, manufactured by M/s Taiwan Tapioca Foods Company Ltd


Dangerous food product recalled

One of the dangerous food products that has been recalled

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According to the AVA, if you have bought any of these products, either return them to the manufacturer or throw the product away.

The AVA are also continuing investigations. In a recent press release, they stated that they will continue to monitor the situation and survey Taiwanese food products coming into Singapore.

More details on this story below:

Maleic acid

The substance at the heart of this controversy is Maleic acid, which is not an approved additive in Singapore. It also should be noted that this is not an additive that is generally used in food products anywhere in the world.

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Cause for concern, not panic

If you or your child has recently consumed one of these dangerous food products, it is not necessarily a reason to panic. Only long term consumption of high levels of Maleic acid has been proven to cause kidney damage. Occasional consumption at a low level does not pose any significant health risk. That said, any potentially dangerous food product which can harm us in the long run must be taken out of our cupboards and off our shelves.

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