Daily sex boosts sperm quality

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Should you have sex daily? It boosts sperm quality? Read on to see how to give your swimmers an extra shot of strength for conception.

What boosts sperm quality?

In order to maximize sperm quality, men seeking to become fathers should have sex (or ejaculate) every day for a week before their partner ovulates.

This study, conducted by Australian fertility specialist David Greening, involved 118 men whose sperm had a higher-than-normal level of DNA damage.

Before the test, about 34 percent of the group’s sperm was classified as “poor” in quality. The men were asked to ejaculate daily for seven days, but were not given any drugs or told to make any changes to lifestyle. After seven days, their sperm was examined again. The average of damaged sperm fell to 26 percent. Fourth-fifths of the men saw an increase in sperm quality, and many of them moved into the “good” range and out of the “poor” or “fair” categories.

However, one-fifth saw a decline in sperm quality.

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