Dads understand equal parenting with no need for praise

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"I was just doing what a father should..." Read how this dad's post is proving men understand equal parenting!

Despite what society likes to think, in today’s world, parenting is generally split right down the middle. Dads are expected to hold as much responsibility as women when it comes to raising and nurturing children. Most dads are happy to do so, and many find it insulting that when they do match their wive’s parenting responsibilities…they receive praise.

Surely it sounds a bit ridiculous to detest praise for being a good parent. But, many men simply want to set the record straight. A man shouldn’t receive excessive praise for doing his job as a dad!

One dad decided he would take to the internet to get this important point across. In a post to YourTango, one proud daddy had a simple message: “Don’t praise me for being a dad who gets up at night for my baby”.

Read his awesome full post below, and support the idea that dads understand equal parenting…sans praise!

I‘d placed myself on a pedestal for doing something as simple as helping my wife with our baby.

I was chatting with my wife about the long night we’d had getting up with the baby, when I said, “At least I get up with her. A lot of men don’t. You should be grateful.” I was tired. And I said it like she was really lucky to have me. Like I was going above and beyond as a father.

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It was just after 7 AM. Mel paused for a moment, leaned back in the chair, Aspen sleeping in her lap. Her eyes were a little red and her brown hair was in a loose ponytail. She held the baby a little closer, and took in what I had said. I expected her to agree with me.

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