Daddy’s role during pregnancy

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While mummy will play the star of the show, the supporting actor will be equally important. Here's a list of ways dad can help out during labour and delivery...

daddy's role

Dads can connect with their little ones even before they are born.

Yes, it is all about her and the baby right now. Pregnancy is the time when they have the starring role. But dad’s you have an important supporting role to play. Here is how you can play it best.

During pregnancy tips for dads: A daddy’s role

Lifestyle changes

You can support your mummy-to-be by sharing in the lifestyle changes. Give up alcohol, drink more fluids, cut down on coffee and don’t smoke. Important part of the daddy’s role.

Accompany her

Visit the Doctor for prenatal-care appointment together. Don’t miss the chance to get a glimpse of your baby during an ultrasound.

Be an active observer

Let your wife know you’re enjoying seeing her belly grow and feeling the baby kick.

Attend the prenatal classes

Practice breathing with her so that you could help her with labour. Be ready to embrace her, hold her hands, soothe her.

Nurture her

Make sure she is eating a good diet of healthy food. Make sure she gets plenty of rest. Make sure she is comfortable. Maybe offer her a pillow or to massage her feet. Take on more of the household duties like cooking, cleaning, mopping, dishes and laundry.

Prepare your home

Welcome the new family member by getting things like baby furniture, readying the house, preparing extra meals.

Have a financial plan in place

Look at your financial plans before hand. While planning for the baby and life as a new parent, do make sure that your insurance  covers pregnancy complications, including miscarriage, as well as congenital illnesses for baby and also perhaps helps you get coverage for yourselves to enable building savings.

Make decisions together

About the kind of labor and delivery you want, what to name the child, whether your child should be circumcised.

Read on to the next page to find out what you, the dad-to-be should be doing during labour and beyond!


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