Dad lashes Son in public

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Dad binds his son's hands and feet and lashed him with a wooden club for 30 minutes. As if that was not terrible enough - the father did it in public, while egged on by his wife.

A 12-year-old boy stoled 300 yuan (S$56) to play video games. But that same amount were to be used by his parents for paying rent. The money was kept locked in a drawer but the boy's parents had found it missing. They were furious after learning how the boy spent the money. The parents bound the boy's hands and feet, tied him to a iron pole and suspended him 2 m above ground.

Horrific punishment: Dad lashes son in public

His punishment was to be lashed with a whip and wooden club for 30 minutes. The wife egged him on while he meted out the punishment. The pain suffered by the boy would pale in comparison to the humiliation he received. The boy was screaming and crying for help. Whilst he was whipped, the rope that tied him was held by his mother.

There was an immediate public outcry against family violence when a clip of the beating that took place in Pudong New Area of Shanghai, China, was uploaded online.

The boy's cries and screams attracted the attention of the nearby residents, whom pleaded with his parents to stop. But his father switched the weapon and continued whipping the boy. Helpful residents were pushed away by the father, whom shouted that they had no way of interfering whilst he was disciplining the boy.

The nightmare for the boy ended only when the police were alerted by one of the neighbours. He suffered injuries on his legs. His father has also admitted that he beat the boy.

Despite having violated the country's juvenile law, the father was let off with a warning. Although family violence is prohibited by law, enforcement of these laws are lax. Chinese lawyers explained that the police may regard these cases as family affairs, thus will not prosecute the parents.

Should the parents have been let off so easy for resorting to such a cruel punishment?  How would you have educated and disciplined your child for having committed this wrong doing?

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Article first appeared on The New Paper, Wednesday, 17 August 2011

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