Dad gets his baby to eat food by singing

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Dads, do you have the pipes to help feed your tykes?

Charles Only, father and impressive vocalist, likes to show off his soothing voice through the use of his YouTube page. Most notably, this daddy/songster likes to perform comical renditions of famous songs in a creative effort to get his baby to eat!

The airplane technique is going out of style, dads. It’s time to step up to the mic and get your kids to eat right!

Dad gets baby to eat food by singing

“Jello! Is it me you’re lookin’ for?”

Dad gets baby to eat food by singing

Sometimes Dad has to bust out the R&B hits like “Peaches and Cream” while eating some peaches and cream!

Dad gets baby to eat food by singing

Look at that happy baby! You can’t argue with these results!

Check out Charles Only’s YouTube page for more great baby feeding and daddy singing! You can watch his latest video below:


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