This dad draws Post-It notes for his daughter’s lunchbox every day

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This dad has found a unique way of encouraging his daughter to eat her lunch

U.K. artist Rob Biddulph writes and illustrates children’s books, but for the past three years, he has found another outlet for his creative energies: Post-its for his daughter Poppy’s lunchbox.

Biddulph usually draws characters from popular children’s cartoons and books, as well as the occasional Star Wars villain.

He started drawing these notes for Poppy when she started going to school. Before then, Poppy had only been going to a nursery during the mornings, “and so staying on for lunch was a big deal,” Biddulph explained to The Huffington Post.

“She was really nervous about it,” he explained. “So our childminder had the idea of me drawing a little picture for her on a Post-it note and hiding it in her lunchbox to cheer her up when she opened it.”

Poppy, then just 4 years old, absolutely adored the note, asking her dad what he was planning on drawing the next day. Thus, a tradition was born.

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