Horrible bus driver kicks mum and her crying baby off the bus!

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Do you have a baby whose cries you can’t control? Is the public transport your main form of transportation? If you’ve answered yes to both...then let this tale be a cautionary one to you.


mum and her crying baby kicked out of a bus


A crying baby can be stressful. A crying baby plus an angry stranger demanding that the baby stops crying can be torturous. Such was the case of the Oregon mum who was booted off a public bus in suburban Portland because she couldn’t get her baby to stop crying.

The bus driver, who is reportedly a mother herself, got on the loudspeaker and told the woman that she needed to make her baby stop crying, saying “I can’t drive with that noise.” Jennifer Chapman, 31, who witnessed the whole appalling ordeal, said that the baby wasn’t even crying that loudly.

“The mum wasn’t sitting there indifferent. She was fussing. She was doing something,” said Chapman who has a 21-month-old of her own.

However, when the baby didn’t stop, the driver stopped the bus and went to the back of the bus to confront the mother, who reportedly spoke very little English. The mother, apparently embarrassed at the fuss she was causing and understanding little of what was being said, got off the bus with the baby.

Chapman said she told the driver: “You can’t just kick a woman off the bus because her baby’s crying.”

To which the driver replied, “If you don’t like it, you can get off the bus.”

In a show of solidarity with her fellow mums, Chapman did. In fact, everyone got off the bus — not one passenger could tolerate how the driver treated the mum and her baby.

Read on to find out what happened to the bus driver for kicking a mum and her crying baby out of the bus! 

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