Ways to stop your crying baby

Ways to stop your crying baby

Is your child crying you crazy? One of our mums has asked for help on how to stop the waterworks. Read here to see what other parents think.

Stop your baby from crying!

Stop your baby from crying!


Mum Needs Help: My daughter is over sensitive and is driving me crazy. She cries when I give her fork in the wrong colour, because it is raining, because she wants to wear her slippers and not her shoes. It is really making me crazy. She is a cry baby. What do i do? How do I stop my baby from crying?

Replies from Singapore mums on how to stop your baby from crying:

Stephanie Leong: I’m no expert but if you give in to her all the time or has been doing so in the past, she’d probably figure out that that’s how she’s gonna get your attention and just what she wants. I suppose when she does cry over a fork in the wrong colour, you might wanna tell her sorry, you were rushing/busy could she please go get the right fork herself then continue doing whatever you’re doing. If she cries when it rains ask her why, cos if she can’t tell you you can’t help her.

I’ve always found that simply explaining the situation to my kids helps and they realise they won’t always get what they want. BTW, how old’s your girl? I know it takes a lot of patience and grit to bear it but if I were in your shoes, explain and don’t give in! Easier said than done but worth a try.

Rebecca Aw: Sometimes giving in too much is a reinforcement for her unreasonable behaviour. It’s best to ignore her if telling her that certain things are not within your control does not work.

Chuyan Kwek: How old is yr girl? Maybe you could teach her how to remedy the situation instead of crying? e.g ask her to ask you to change the fork nicely and you would change for her. When you found her asking you nicely sometimes, take the opportunity to praise her. It’s fine to want to choose, but her way of communication shouldn’t be crying.

Lynn Lim Choo: like my youngest at home, her sisters says that’s her ‘power of tears’ cos she thinks she can get whatever she wants..

Michelle Ang: yes my girl also like that, whenever she can’t open a bottle or can’t get the things she want, she will crys non stop and sometimes even bites me when she is angry. she is 20 months now. I also don’t know how to teach her not to cry so often… anyone got any advice

Jo-Ann Hernandez: Have u thot of actually asking her wat she likes? Funny it may be and crazy as it may seem but communication is impt. It is good to ask her opinion before u decide. Sumtimes highly superior children can be misunderstood. She might know what she wants and u r not letting her decide or atleast make an option. If after asking her and u think its not good enough then maybe u explain to her y she cant use or wear what she wants. Let her decide on some thinhs u think wont hurt her… Let her experience on her own and let her realise the implication.

Some tips on stopping a crying baby

Play on the art of distraction; make use of that trick. You put on a silly face, pretend to fall over, clown around, do a funny dance. Do something out of the ordinary to divert your kid’s attention from his or her misery.

If you have some props with you (you should always be prepared with some toys while you are out), then whip out a puppet or a doll and talk as though the voice is coming from the puppet or toy.

Other times, it is a good idea to switch up the scene. How? It’s as easy as taking your kid into the restroom, or for a walk outside, or even back to your car—it can calm your child down.

You can also get your kid to take several slow deep breaths for the relaxing effect.

If your child is not misbehaving (like kicking, punching, stomping, hitting, throwing things or screaming relentlessly) the perhaps you can try ignoring him or her.

Remember, do not punish your child for crying. Rather, teach them the right way to express themselves. Good luck with these tips—or else, invest in a good pair of earplugs.




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