The most inappropriate product for kids

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Speaking of inappropriate products for kids…crotch-less panties in leopard print and hot pink lace would be a definite hit if you want to lure pedophiles into your home. Check out four other preposterous products made for kids—one example: Stuffed STDs (sexually transmitted diseases personified in toy form) Eeew!

overly sexualised children clothes

The controversies of crotchless undies for 7-year-old girls.

The first item on our top 5 most inappropriate product for kids would be the “Crotchless undies” – made to fit girls seven and above. Our big question is why?

What could possibly be the purpose of creating such a product? What are these people thinking; if not to deliberately sexualize young girls that are barely even double digits in age? Should kids dress like this, even if it is underneath decent coverings?

So here’s the deal, a mother found X-rated lingerie being sold at a Colorado kids’ apparel store in USA.

The most disturbing thing is that the racy undies were placed next to frilly princess costumes, fluffy stuffed animals and other kiddie toys.

Sexy kid underwear for easy access

Everything about this product is so wrong, a mum captured images of these controversial undies on her smartphone.

These undies were designed to fit girls as young as seven. Erin French said: “I was mortified. My first initial response was, ‘Am I really seeing that?”

The owner of the store, Kid N Teen, said that 25 percent of her products are catered to teens. But we think that the excuse cannot be justified. Why? Simply because it is not right to promote promiscuity or irresponsible teen sex to young ones either—epic fail!

Let’s see some reactions of mothers from parenting websites: “Holy triple inappropriate, Batman. It’s questionable enough that places like Gap offer sequined hot pants for little girls, “but why on earth would a 7-year-old need panties without a crotch?” We share the same sentiment.

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