Your children’s partner in Art

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Discover how your children can benefit from art activities and how they can enhance their visual art skills through art classes for children.

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Art can teach children a lot of other things, too, including confidence and self-assurance.

The great Pablo Picasso believed that every child is an artist. As a parent, you are in perfect position to wake and hone your child’s innate artistry. It all begins, however, with understanding how art benefits children.

Art can benefit both big children and little ones as well

Art activities are particularly beneficial for younger children who are only just beginning to learn how to work with their hands. Their fine motor skills, focus and concentration are strengthened as they learn how to draw, write and use scissors.

For bigger children, art can be a true and honest form of expression, giving them a creative means to share their thoughts and feelings. This form of creative communication gives them an outlet to share emotions that they may not be able to express with words.

Crestar Learning Centre

Children of all ages can learn to express themselves creatively through art

Art and self-discovery

Art nurtures and enhances children’s learning. It contributes to their physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and social development.

Through art, children can learn more about themselves, promoting self-discovery. It builds creative thinking and confidence, too, along with individuality and a strong sense of self.

It can also be an enjoyable social experience for children. Learning art with others allows them to grow within a community of similarly creative individuals.

Knowing how to draw is not enough. Talented children will progress artistically only if they, in the process of learning, acquire creative and critical thinking skills, together with new ideas.

Crestar Learning Centre

Through the eyes of a child, there is beauty in art

Art enhances academic performance

Studies have also shown that art education can help enhance academic achievement. The Center for Arts Education in New York, for example, finds that students who have access to quality arts education do better academically, have fewer instances of behavioural problems, and also have higher attendance and graduation rates.

Because of this, many educational institutions have found ways to incorporate art into their curriculum and teaching techniques. Around the world, several foundations and institutions also offer grants and scholarships for arts education. One example is the National Endowment for the Arts in the United States.

For all the above reasons, finding the perfect learning partner, such as Crestar Learning Centre, is an important next step in the artistic development of your child.

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