Creating A Positive Childbirth Experience: From Pregnancy To Birth With Gleneagles Hospital

Creating A Positive Childbirth Experience: From Pregnancy To Birth With Gleneagles Hospital

From the moment the stick turns blue to when their little bundle of joy comes into the world, mums want to ensure a positive pregnancy-to-birth experience not just for herself but also for her baby. Here's how Gleneagles Hospital is making it possible for mums.

When it comes to pregnancy, everything seems to pass so quickly. One day, you’ve realised you’re pregnant, the next, your due date is here. However, in the delivery room, it can feel like the exact opposite. In fact, a study from the National Institute of Health found that women are taking longer to give birth now—by about 2.6 hours on average—than they did 50 years ago.

So, to make the experience less painful and more joyful, hospitals are now offering more than just a birthing place to make the mums’ hard work for having a baby a lot more manageable. 

Gleneagles Hospital is one such hospital that offers a range of facilities and services to cater to a variety of needs: from preparing for the arrival of your baby to postpartum care. Read on to learn about how you can make your journey from pregnancy to giving birth a fuss-free experience at Gleneagles Hospital.


From the moment the stick turns blue to when their little bundle of joy comes into the world, mums want to ensure a positive pregnancy-to-birth experience not just for herself but also for her baby. 

As with every expectant mother who looks forward to meeting her little one, knowing that she is in safe and capable hands of doctors, nurses and caregivers can play a huge difference in setting the stage for a safe, worry-free and positive birthing experience.

But with every woman and pregnancy being so unique, there needs to be a personalised approach to help expectant mothers and their families tackle issues that may arise. 

These are essential concerns to clarify with your obstetrician.

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At Gleneagles Hospital, you will have access to helpful medical professionals who can provide not just answers to your pressing questions, but also insights to pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.

One such professional is Dr John Yam, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist at Gleneagles Hospital. 

“Pregnancy can be an exciting yet anxious time for parents, and it is normal to have many questions during your pregnancy journey. Our team of doctors and nurses, along with our hospital staff, will be at every mother’s aid before, during and even after their stay at Gleneagles Hospital,” Dr Yam said.

Supporting expectant mothers in pregnancy care and delivery services, women and children can look towards trusted obstetric care with a personal touch at Gleneagles.

In addition to this, Gleneagles Hospital also offers maternity tours for expectant parents.

Their maternity tours are designed to help better prepare them for delivery upon admission and help ease any concerns they may have before giving birth. 


“When it comes to choosing your birthing hospital, it is important to choose the one which will provide you with the best care. The hospital should have the facilities that will allow them to look after you should you have any special needs before, during and after,” said Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Dr Lee Keen Whye. He currently practises at SOG – KW Lee Clinic for Women, located at Gleneagles Medical Centre.

At Gleneagles, mums and their partners can look forward to a selection of maternity wards for a comfortable stay: 2-Bedder Room, Single room, Superior Room and the grand Dempsey Suite. Every room is spacious, allowing for a bond between parents and their newborn in comfort and privacy.

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Options aplenty for accommodation at Gleneagles Hospital.

Single Room option as part of Gleneagles Hospital maternity wards.

Each room includes personalised services like Lactation Consultation, a customised Confinement Menu and comprehensive Newborn Blood Screening, Bilirubin Test, Hearing Screening and Vaccinations.

Other services and benefits for each stay may include a pampering head-and-shoulder massage to help mums relax, meals for their partner, as well as Group Parentcraft Classes (during the hospital stay) to help prepare these parents for childcare as well as provide advice on confinement/postnatal care. Topics at these classes include teaching parents how to care for newborns from breastfeeding to bathing. This definitely helps ease feeling overwhelmed about caring for the baby’s umbilical cord stump, breastfeeding, and burping, and of course, confinement.

There’s more than just meals for the dads, too! Rooms come with a recliner chair, television, toiletries set and Wi-Fi, among others, so that dads can rest up fully and be recharged to provide care for their both mother and child.

And finally, a service to make the whole experience more convenient for expecting parents, Gleneagles Hospital offers pre-registration that allows for a fuss-free delivery without the hassle of paperwork.

Postpartum Care at Gleneagles Hospital

The standard of care that Gleneagles Hospital provides carries on after birth.

Mothers who are looking at exclusively breastfeeding or even breastfeeding their babies for a longer duration can look forward to getting the best support to make this possible, at Gleneagles Hospital.

As a medical facility officially accredited as a baby-friendly hospital under the World Health Organisation’s Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI), Gleneagles Hospital ensures that it meets the best practices and standards: from initiatives such as ensuring of skin-to-skin contact between mother and child immediately after birth to allowing 24-hour rooming-in so that mothers and newborns remain close to each other. 

Creating A Positive Childbirth Experience: From Pregnancy To Birth With Gleneagles Hospital

To help mums bounce back to their pre-pregnancy health, they will be served nutritious and delicious confinement meals directly to their bedsides. Postnatal diet for these mums will include vital ingredients commonly found in confinement food recipes, such as sesame oil, ginger, black vinegar, eggs, red dates, chicken and fish for optimum recovery.

Even mundane matters out of the maternity ward were also carefully considered by Gleneagles Hospital to make every mums’ birthing experience a great one. With the staff’s assistance, parents get to take care of the hospital discharge process—from paperwork, medication and billing—in the comfort of their maternity room.

There are so many other reasons why this baby-friendly hospital has been around for over 60 years while providing patients and their families care and support.

The journey to parenthood can sometimes be overwhelming, but with the Gleneagles’ team by your side, mums can focus on the magical and truly life-changing moment of giving birth and less about everything else.

For more information on Gleneagles Hospital and their maternity services, you can visit here.


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