Create sweet memories with Phats Phats Studio!

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With the sugary goodness from Phats Phats Studio, you'll be too busy indulging in the treats, you won't even have time to worry about your sugar intake!

Last week, the awesome people from Phats Phats Studio dropped by our office with a full dessert table! Yes, with the cake pops and the cupcakes. And yes, we do LOVE our jobs.

Phats Phats Studio started out in 2014 and they offer photography, customised t-shirt designs and party favours services as well, apart from their desserts.


Their dessert table menu items are mostly customised to your preference. So whether you’re looking for a soccer- themed dessert table or a princess themed one, they’d be happy to do it for you.

The treats that were included in our dessert table were the Ondeh-ondeh cupcakes, cake pops, piñata cookies, agar-agar, macaroons, Speculoos Cheesecake and push pops. These items were also customised to suit the Lego theme that was requested… and they did a good job! I mean, look at this cute emmet macaroon!


We were surprised at how pretty the desserts look that we spent a good 15 minutes just to take photos of them. But well, we spent the rest of the time savouring the desserts, so all is well! Life’s too short to worry about sugar intake, am I right?


Their dessert table is sure to attract the young and old alike! Other desserts in their menu include customised cakes fruit tarts, durian puffs, rainbow lapis cakes, doughnuts and so much more. Seriously, you’d be spoilt for choice.


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