Create an allergen-free home with the LG Styler

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Allergens are found everywhere you go, but here’s what you can do to protect your family from getting affected by them. Presented by LG

Ever noticed how you and your family’s sniffles often crop up after simple changes in the weather? Pause before reaching for the cold medication—it’s likely that you might be suffering from allergies.

Allergens are frustrating to deal with; you can’t see them, but they’re everywhere. This invisible foe takes a backseat to more obvious health threats found in the home, like mould or mosquitoes, but are no less pesky or potentially harmful. Coming into contact with an everyday object, like a piece of clothing or a toy, can lead to some nasty reactions in a family member with certain allergies.

Common allergens, from dusk till dawn

Most of them can be found at unsuspecting places at home:

  • Curtains, window dressings, carpets, and rugs — especially if they haven’t been cleaned in a while.
  • Appliances, linens and decorative ornaments that are out in the open and may have gathered dust, pollen, and dirt from exposure
  • Dust that has accumulated under large pieces of furniture like your bed or sofa

There are less obvious culprits too. When was the last time you thought to clean…

  • Clothes literally gathering dust in your closet—those jeans you hope to fit into one day and that blazer you swear will come back into style; your child’s clothes that don’t fit anymore but haven’t been packed away; and the college shirt your husband keeps for sentimental reasons. They may seem harmless, but with the haze situation in Singapore, one can never be too sure.
  • On the other side of the spectrum, clothes that are used too often, and as a result, are not washed or dried properly (like that princess dress your daughter insists on wearing to school practically every other day!)
  • Everyday items that need to be cleaned but just aren’t part of the laundry list, like your child’s (or your pet’s!) soft toys, quilts, and throw pillows.

Dust settles in even the cleanest of homes. Make sure that the objects your family comes into contact with are clean and allergen-free.

But who has the time to keep tabs on what’s been cleaned and what hasn’t? Or must a mum just keep cleaning everything in—and even out—of sight?

The good news is today’s mums can get expert help, right in their own homes. Yup, you read that right, and it also happens to be the closet of your dreams.

Mums, say goodbye to your constant worry over those allergy attacks and even trips to the laundromat. It’s time to meet the LG Styler.

Here’s more on the three main functions of this steam clothing care system:

Refresh: The TrueSteam technology combined with the moving hanger action helps smooth wrinkles (hooray for less ironing!) and reduces odours to keep clothes fresh. This is perfect for those clothes that haven’t been worn in a while.

Three settings are available in the Refresh function: Light, Normal, and Heavy, so you can revitalize your garments based on how long they’ve been stored, the condition they’re in, and the care that’s due each piece.

Sanitise: The sanitary cycle powered by TrueSteam™ helps reduce allergens in clothes, bedding, sportswear and even children’s plush toys. All those things that aren’t usually on your laundry list or are a hassle to wash are now just a step away from being oh-so-clean.

Using just water and absolutely no chemical additives, The LG Styler’s Sanitise function removes allergens and bacteria from your clothing or other items in need of some TLC (tender loving cleaning!) You may also adjust the heat needed for the items being sanitised, simply by choosing either the Normal or Heavy setting.

Have your kids ever been caught in the rain while playing outdoors and getting drenched due to the downpour? Keep your kids safe from a nasty cold by drying their clothes with the LG Styler’s Gentle Dry function. This super cool feature provides a quick hang-dry solution for drenched wear. Unlike the high-heat conventional tumbling dryers that may not be suitable for all clothing, the LG Styler is both energy efficient and gentle on fabrics.

Doesn’t it just sound like the closet of the future? Pop in items like your coats, fluffy toys, and pillows inside the LG Styler, and it cleans and sanitises them, killing 99% of germs and bacteria. That’s definitely an easy way to protect your family from dust mites, allergens, and fine dust. And because you get to dry-clean less often, you get to save time and money as well!

Continue reading to know what you can do to prevent allergies from affecting your family…

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