White couple refuses to tip a server just because she is black!

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Racist comments and deeds have become commonplace in the past year, fuelled by the hate campaign of the President-elect.

In an incident that takes back us to the earlier centuries, when racism and bigotry was at it’s peak, a white couple left a small note on the bill stating ‘don’t tip Black people’.

On January 7 2017, Kelly Carter served a white couple at Anita’s New Mexico Style Cafe in Virginia, USA. The couple did not have any issues with the food. In fact, they even wrote ‘great service’ on the credit card stub. However, it was followed by the apparent racist comment, negating the compliment.

While this might be a case of bad grammar, (they might have meant ‘We don’t tip Black people’), this kind of racial discrimination is not acceptable today in any circumstances. But such instances of racism, both subtle and overt, have been taking place throughout the USA ever since the campaigns for elections began. The president-elect himself is known to have indulged in racist behaviour in his younger days. So people have started taking it as a ‘go ahead’ signal, as the thoughts of the leader are easily adopted by his followers.

However, this incident has not affected Kelly much. In fact, people have been more sympathetic towards her, giving her generous tips and even hugs! Kelly chooses to be the better person and is not bitter. She is unaffected by the incident, and says that she would happily serve the couple if they decide to walk in again. I admire Kelly’s attitude.

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